The Curriculum

Hult’s Master of Social Entrepreneurship is a highly practical program focused on how to apply business skills to important global social problems.

Enhance your employability with project management skills

In today’s business world, the demand for skilled project managers is urgent and growing. About 80 percent of all major projects fail to meet expectations because of cost overruns or substandard quality. Fewer than 20 percent are completed on time. Key projects are expanding not only in terms of numbers, but also in terms of scale, scope, and medium, stretching the capabilities of for-profit and non-profit organization managers and changing the way we do business. Hult’s Project Management Specialization will equip you with the technical and people skills required to manage major projects for multinationals, family businesses, and NGOs.

Concurrent Project Management Specialization

Hult’s Master programs offer a unique Project Management Specialization designed to give you the broad skills needed in planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to meet business objectives. To be eligible for the specialization concurrent with your Hult Master degree, students must take project management courses (6 credits, offered in San Francisco and London*) in addition to traditional Master degree coursework. Fees can be seen on the Program Fee and Living Expenses section.

A 21st century Project Management curriculum

Hult courses in Project Management are cutting-edge and provide you with skills of current and future applicability. The three additional courses (each 2 credits and offered during Modules B, C, and D) required for the specialization are:

  1. Project Procurement and Contract Management
  2. Project Planning and Execution
  3. Project Quality and Risk Management

Project Management Specialization will prepare you for careers in:

  • International agencies
  • Development bank
  • Government authorities
  • Development banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Finance firms
  • Energy companies
  • Construction companies


*The Project Management Specialization is only offered in San Francisco and London and is subject to availability.