Pre-Master Program

Targeted Pre-Master preparation helps you gain the language and study skills you need to thrive in your Master program.

Pre-Master Program

Establish a strong foundation of English language and academic skills

Offered in partnership with EF Education First, our Pre-Master program equips non-native English speakers with the English fluency and fundamental skills necessary to succeed in a competitive Master degree program taught entirely in English. Flexible in length, this program is offered over a six- or nine-month period, so you can tailor your program to suit your language level and academic needs. With courses covering English language training, entrance exam preparation, business fundamentals, and specialist academic modules, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your future studies.

Combining intensive language training with graduate degree preparation

Along with English language learning, the curriculum is designed to help you develop other relevant skills required to complete a graduate degree in English, such as learning how to research effectively, write academic papers and prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, or GRE exams. To qualify for this program, you must have a Bachelor degree and the English-language skills required for this level of study.

Customized for your individual needs

From the first day in class, we will help you build the language and study skills necessary to excel in a demanding, English-speaking academic environment. You will also take classes specializing in an area of your choice, such as Business Management or Marketing, to help prepare you for your Master degree studies.

Single application process

The Pre-Master program will also give you direct access to Hult’s top-ranked, one-year Master degree programs through a simplified application process. A single application for both the Pre-Master program and the Hult Master degree program of your choice ensures a smooth transition into your business school career.

Study in the U.S. or the U.K.

Studying English while living in an English-speaking country gives you daily opportunities to practice your new language skills with native English speakers. The Pre-Master program is available in Boston, San Francisco, or London, allowing you to enjoy the best the U.S. and the U.K. have to offer and providing a unique way to experience the global classroom. Students progressing to a Hult MBA or Hult Master degree program can then choose to study at any Hult campus offering their chosen degree.

Small class size for personalized attention

Pre-Master courses are taught by expert instructors in a small class setting with a maximum class size of 17 to ensure you receive the individual attention necessary to maximize your language learning. Students also benefit from one on-one attention from their University Pathway Manager, who is available outside of class to guide their studies and provide professional advice.