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Richard Reed

Co-founder of innocent

Speaking to over 300 people in London, Entrepreneur Richard Reed’s amusing story of the beginnings of his company, Innocent, explained the need for perseverance and creative thinking, as well as social responsibility in business.

Hult London is proud to present Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent and Tom Mercer, founder of MOMA Foods as part of its Executive Speaker Series on March 21, 2012

About Richard Reed

Richard Reed, co-founded Innocent, now the No.1 smoothie brand in Europe. The business was started in May and has grown in just over 12 years to a turnover of over £100m. innocent has over 75% market share in the UK and sells in 13 different countries across Europe, with its products available in every major chain, from Sainsbury's to Boots to Starbucks. The Innocent story proves that with a fantastic product, clever branding, and creative thinking it's possible to create a fast growing, profitable company that acts responsibly.