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    Armel Mathieu
    • Was choosing the right school for your MBA difficult?
    • xlm5lg79PCo
    Balbinder Singh
    • Who is your favourite professor at Hult?
    • C_lFrvfYuxE
    Ebele Dijemeni
    • What do you want to achieve after your MBA?
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    Fabiola Cantu
    • What has been your most challenging experience?
    • Was choosing the right school for your MBA difficult?
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    • zI2M-9GFlzE
    Inga Jasulaityte
    • Do any professors stand out in your mind?
    • What is the most memorable day from your Hult experience?
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    Inger Stapleton
    • What was most surprising about your Hult experience?
    • DhwbiElKcLg
    Luca Russignan
    • How has your Hult degree helped you in your career?
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    • y5L230hBHFU
    Olivier Sampeur
    • How would you describe the Hult network?
    • What industry were you in before deciding to get your MBA?
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    • JFFPJ3Yzhjo
    Omer Weinberger
    • How did you feel about your decision before you arrived at Hult?
    • How would you describe your relationship with your classmates?
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    • If you could relive one day from Hult, which would it be?