The Curriculum

Clever marketing drives profit, product longevity, and brand loyalty. Hult's Master of International Marketing explores marketing on a global scale.

Program Highlights

Who is this program for?

Candidates with or without prior work experience who want to launch a career in marketing.

Campus locations

Start date

  • September

Program length

  • 1 year

How to apply

Program Overview

Clever marketing drives profit, product longevity, and brand loyalty. As companies look to take their products and services into new markets and channels, Hult’s Master of International Marketing (MIM) explores marketing on a global scale.

Jump start your career straight from university

Marketing plays a vital role in every major business, with the power to make or break an enterprise’s success. Consequently, every business manager must have an in-depth knowledge of modern marketing principles. Hult offers an exceptional Master of International Marketing program designed to equip future managers with the marketing skills and savvy they will need to thrive in a highly competitive, rapidly changing global business environment.

A highly relevant education in both business and marketing

Hult’s Master of International Marketing has been designed in collaboration with leading marketing professionals. Within 12 months, students will acquire a set of generalized skills in management and strategy as well as specialized skills in digital marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, and pricing. This combined business-marketing skill set prepares MIM students for a wide array of exciting careers that goes beyond functional marketing. MIM graduates continue on to industries and sectors as diverse as retail, fashion, technology, branding, manufacturing, financial services, leisure and tourism, and consumer goods.

International exposure to cutting-edge consumer markets

Study marketing in some of the world’s most active consumer markets. Our Master of International Marketing program is available on Hult campuses in Boston, San Francisco, and London. No matter where you choose to study, Hult’s Master of International Marketing helps you harness your energy to think strategically and creatively about marketing in a global business context.

Learn from marketing experts

Hult’s MIM faculty combine extensive academic experience with in-depth practical knowledge. Several Hult professors have managed their own marketing and communication firms or run major marketing initiatives for multinationals. You will learn fundamental marketing principles and practices from experts who bring a wealth of real-life experiences to the classroom.

A key to a promising career

MIM graduates will understand the power of media in all its forms and have the critical communication skills to add value to any venture. You will be prepared to assist clients with their marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, public relations efforts, brand building, and product design. Students that specialize in digital marketing will be able to advise clients on web-based strategies and techniques, an exciting and expanding field.

Hult's Action Project provides hands-on experience

Conduct an in-depth survey of consumer preferences or devise an e-marketing strategy for a real-world company. Hult’s Action Projects allow you to acquire practical marketing skills through “learning by doing.” Gain firsthand knowledge during your consulting project for a marketing company or department. During the last module of the MIM program, students form small teams led by a faculty advisor to research real-life marketing issues and propose strategically sound and practical solutions.

Prepare yourself for the Digital Age

Marketing has changed for good. Digital media now plays a vital role in most advertising campaigns, and digital marketing has become a massive multibillion-dollar global industry. Online advertising expenditures are projected to triple over the next five years. In the not-so-distant future, all marketers will need to have an in-depth knowledge of digital techniques. Hult was the first business school to launch a Master of Digital Marketing and has integrated the core components of that program into the MIM to equip students with the strategic marketing skills they will need to compete in today’s wired world.