Student Testimony

"I believe my MIB will open new doors for me. A lot of people have bachelor degrees so it's important to distinguish yourself. A Hult degree is something special - not just a standard masters but a masters done in two or three different countries. Plus, the Hult program is more practical than most - not as theoretical. It will help me to be more comfortable in international business as I've worked in teams amongst classmates from so many different cultural backgrounds".

Katja Gomer
Class of 2011


A Master degree is a significant investment. We work with you to find the most beneficial funding options to cover your education-related expenses. We can also help you with student medical and travel insurance.


Hult offers a range of merit-based Master scholarships to reduce the program fee cost. Master scholarships are available to all students regardless of citizenship. To be considered for these scholarships we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Master scholarships are made only to accepted students who meet special criteria, usually reflecting their personal, academic or professional achievements. Learn more about scholarships.


A limited number of fellowships are available to accepted students. These fellowships offer students the opportunity to work with faculty and staff members at Hult International Business School for approximately eight hours per week. The number of fellowships varies from year to year and from campus to campus.

The fellowships available each year are communicated to students at the start of the school year. All accepted students may apply for any fellowship position for which they feel qualified.

Federal Financial Aid for US students

Hult International Business School’s Boston, Dubai, and London locations participate in the US Federal Direct Student Loan and Pell Grant programs (commonly referred to as Title IV programs). For more information and to apply, click here.

Educational Loans

Students requiring finance for their program fee costs have two main loan options:

1. GoEd Student Financing

Hult has established a partnership with GoEd Student Financing, a Hong Kong financial institution, to offer student loans to international students. These loans offer very competitive interest rates and are typically offered over five years with repayments starting six months after graduation.

2. Bank Loan

Financial institutions in many countries offer educational finance, especially for local citizens wishing to pursue an Masters. These loans are typically repayable after completion of the course, although terms vary widely. We are happy to work with students to help them identify suitable financial institutions.

  • Banco Sabadell "Education Loans" for Spanish Citizens
    Banco Sabadell provides an exclusive educational loan of up to the total cost of the studies to Spanish citizens who are planning to study at Hult. The loan amount can be used to cover both the program fee and living expenses. For more information and contact details, click here.

  • Santander Totta " Crédito Universitário Plus" for Portuguese Citizens
    Santander Totta provides an exclusive educational loan of up 50,000€ to Portuguese citizens who are planning to study at Hult. For more information and contact details, click here.

  • Deutsche Bildung Financial Funding for German Citizens
    The financial support program of Deutsche Bildung offers a new solution for German Students. The finance program offers monthly payments and if needed one-time payments, for example to finance a study abroad or to pay tuition fees. Students can receive a total up to 25,000€. The repayment is income-linked, i.e. grantees are going to pay a fixed percentage of their future income for a fixed duration back to the study fund, once they have entered their first job successfully. Term, level and duration of repayment are individually fixed at conclusion of contract. In addition to the financial funding Deutsche Bildung supports the personal development of the grantees systematically by the extra-curricular program “WissenPlus” that focuses on the improvement of important competencies by a wide range of online- and live-services. Please ask your recruiter for more information or visit