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John Sculley

Former CEO, Apple Inc. and former CEO, PepsiCo

John Sculley spoke at Hult International Business School's London campus on June 15, 2011 where he discussed his time at Apple and provided the audience with keen insights on today's business climate.


John Sculley's life has been shaped by his intellectual curiosity and extensive global experiences.

He was selected by Mikhail Gorbachev to serve along with Jerry Weisner (former President of MIT) and Andre Sakarov (Soviet nuclear physicist) on the board of the "International Foundation for the Survival & Development of Mankind".

Sculley was Chairman of the National Institute for Education & the Economy, a non-profit organization co-founded with Mark Tucker, David Rockefeller, Jr., Hillary Clinton, and Governor Tom Kean to look at public policy alternatives in education and the shifting needs in American workforce skills.

Sculley was co-founder and Chairman of the non-profit children's reading literacy television series, "Between-the-Lions" a long running daily PBS TV show co-produced between WGBH and the original creative team members of Sesame Street.

John Sculley, along with Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe, is a co-founder of "The PopTech Institute", a non-profit center that brings together some of the world's greatest scientists, artists, and innovators to discuss breakthrough ideas and projects that will shape a 21st century global society along with technology's role in defining our culture.

John Sculley was Pepsi-Cola Co. CEO from 1978 - 1983; during which time 'Pepsi Generation' and 'Pepsi Challenge' marketing campaigns propelled Pepsi into the largest selling packaged good product in America.

Sculley was recruited by Steve Jobs to be Apple CEO from 1983 to 1993; during which time, 'Macintosh', 'Desktop Publishing' and 'Powerbook' launches propelled Apple to the largest selling PC in the world.

Since leaving Apple, Sculley has been a venture capitalist at both family office Sculley Brothers and Rho Capital Partners, backing successful start-ups Select Comfort, NFO Research, Intralinks, CreditTrade, and Hotwire.

Sculley is a graduate of Brown University and a Wharton MBA. He also holds PhD degrees (honoris causa) from Johns-Hopkins, University of Genoa and 10 other higher education institutions.