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Jonathan Rowe

COO, GeneExpress

Prior to joining Gene Express, Dr. Rowe held numerous integral positions at Pfizer Inc. dating back to 1998. Most recently, he served as Senior Director of Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pfizer's Global R&D Group.

Dr. Rowe's previous positions at Pfizer Inc. included: Director of Intellectual Property Strategy Management, and Clinical Director of the Cardiovascular Risk Factors Group, where Dr. Rowe designed, developed and managed phase IIIB and IV clinical studies, and lead the strategic medical input into the marketing and commercial development of Lipitor. Dr. Rowe's PhD is from the Department of Biochemistry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM), where he researched the expression of genes and their associated proteins involved in drug detoxification.

Dr. Rowe has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals, has served as a consultant on the topics of Innovation and Strategy Implementation, and currently serves as an expert panel member for The Innovator, a publication supported by www.innovationtools.com and the Monitor Group's Innovation Practice.