Global Rotation

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Hult offers students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study. During your studies you can start anywhere and go anywhere offered in the Executive MBA program. In the Global Rotation, you pick your home campus and then choose to take four-day Executive MBA electives at up to three other Hult locations. You could begin in Boston, then travel to Shanghai via London or New York, or San Francisco via Dubai. You’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastest growing economies and examine international business practices close-up. Almost 90% of our students chose Hult because they are interested in this option, and over half of our students spend time on more than one campus.

Advantages of Hult's Global Rotation

Seamless Experience

Our Global Rotation is fully integrated into our curriculum. Unlike other business schools that offer exchange programs with other schools, Hult prides itself on being the full provider of the Global Rotation. This structure gives us complete control over the curriculum and ensures that each Hult student receives the finest education as well as a dynamic international experience.

Expand your network

The Career Services and Student Services teams ensure that you have plenty of chances to network with professionals and peers alike. You can build a network of experienced industry contacts while fostering relationships with students from every corner of the globe. No other school offers access to a network as globally diverse as Hult's.

Learn in a global setting

By learning international business in a global setting, you’ll be able to put complex issues into context and gain new market insights. Learn about Digitizing Your Business on our San Francisco campus, and enjoy fascinating discussions with leaders in the industry from and around the region. Nothing can replace the experience of getting an on-the-ground understanding of what is happening in different parts of the world.

Experience international business up-close during your EMBA

  • Unrivaled global experience

    During Global Rotation, you can pick your home campus of London, Dubai, or Shanghai and then choose to take electives at any one of our six locations including Boston, San Francisco, and New York. You’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastest growing and largest economies while examining international business up-close. Almost 90% of our students choose Hult because they are interested in this option, and over half of our students spend time on more than one campus.

  • America's top student city

    Set on the banks of the Charles River with great views of downtown Boston from your classroom, Hult Boston has excellent facilities that include an on-site restaurant with a bar and outdoor patio. As the birthplace of the management consulting field, Boston is a great place to build business contacts and meet an impressive array of speakers on campus.

  • Epicenter of the high-tech world

    Hult’s San Francisco campus is located near Levi’s Plaza and walking distance from the Financial District and Fisherman’s Wharf. Covering 60,000 square feet, Hult San Francisco offers a vibrant, contemporary studying experience, fitting for a city that leads the world’s high-tech industry. The city’s entrepreneurial culture, breathtaking scenery, and economic clout make it a great place to live and study.

  • The world's most international city

    Located in the center of London, Hult’s campus is a newly refurbished landmark building that overlooks Gray’s Inn Garden in the famous literary and academic district of Bloomsbury. London is home to 100 of Europe’s top 500 companies and with so many leading companies headquartered here, our campus is the perfect launch pad for a successful career in international business.

  • Gateway to the Middle East

    Hult Dubai’s new campus is located in Dubai Internet City, an environment that attracts innovative companies and offers rich networking opportunities. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Dell, Intel, and Cisco are just some of the companies with offices right next the Hult campus. Situated within walking distance of the Dubai Metro and nestled between Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village, Hult Dubai is conveniently located to with many opportunities network and launch your international career.

  • The world's fastest growing economy

    Hult’s downtown People’s Square campus sits in the heart of the city’s commercial, financial, retail, and social scene. Our Shanghai campus recently won first place in an architectural interior design competition for its state-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, and student lounges. Convenient subway and public transportation access make exploring the city easy, while residential accommodation is a short commute away.

  • New York Rotation Center

    Boost your career with experience in the world’s most influential city. From the fortunes made on Wall Street to the trends set on Madison Avenue, New York is the global epicenter of culture and commerce. Multinational powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, American Express, and Time Warner are all based in Manhattan. Hult New York allows you to hear about what really makes American business tick directly from leading executives and academics.

Global Rotation Details

1 The rotation takes place during months May-August in both years one and two. It is an optional study program, which means you have the opportunity to rotate to up to three different locations over two years during your Executive MBA. Some students use the Rotation period as an opportunity to meet with international colleagues or engage in international business development.
2 You must decide if you would like to participate during elective course registration.
3 The Global Rotation option is included in your program fees, however additional fees may be required. Airfare, visas, and accommodation are not included in the program fees.
4 Student Services provides resources for travel, accommodation, and visa arrangements during your rotation.
5 In order to participate in the rotation, you must be in good academic standing and enrolled in a Rotation-eligible degree program.
6 Global Rotation is subject to each campus’s capacity. Students begin registration placed at their home campus and may opt into spaces at rotation campuses on a first-come, first-served basis as they become available.
7 You may choose to graduate from your home campus or from the campus where you will rotate in May-August.