Hult Executive MBA Scholarship

Admission and Program Fees

We seek highly motivated,
experienced professionals.

Student Testimony

"I've seen a lot of people working through part-time MBAs online over the past 3 or 4 years, but I wanted to attend class. Hult Dubai gave me the opportunity to attend class, interact with people, and learn from other people's experiences. I really wanted an MBA course that I could start and finish in two years."

Zenobia Mehta
Class of 2011

Gain support from your employer

Win-win for you and your company

Whether in terms of financial support or flexibility, you will need your employer’s support for your studies. Investing in you will in turn be an investment in the company’s future, and your company will benefit from the knowledge, skills, and network you acquire. The Executive MBA’s monthly schedule, which amounts to two days off work a month, minimizes your time away from the office and allows you to immediately apply the new strategies, tools, and innovations to your company’s benefit.

Your employer, your partner

At first it may seem daunting to request the time and flexibility needed for an Executive MBA program. However, your studies will yield concrete solutions to real issues you face at work. Acquire new knowledge and gain inspiration to share with your company. With students hailing from all over the world, our EMBA program emphasizes working in groups across cultures and backgrounds. As a result, Hult graduates are able to easily negotiate, integrate, and work in both emerging and developed economies and help with a company’s growth plans.

Company-sponsored candidates

Hult Executive MBAs are either company-sponsored or self-sponsored. We work closely with partner companies to ensure the highest level of service and customized offerings suitable for company-sponsored candidates. There are several ways to support a candidate, ranging from full to partial sponsorship. By sponsoring a student, a company can further develop and strengthen their leadership talent’s skills and network, while the company retains its high-caliber and high-potential staff.