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Alumni Summit 2014: Day 2

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by Alumni Blogs

Learning skills while having fun

On Day Two of the 2014 Alumni Summit, alums started the day off by being put into groups and preparing to take part in various activities designed to test their skills and capabilities. It was a highly practical day of teams competing against each other in a workshop designed to encourage self-awareness in team situations and develop leadership skills.

Hult Alumni Strategy game with alumni putting together a puzzle Hult Alumni Strategy game creating a track for marbles to travel

Puzzling it out: When you’re working together to figure out how the pieces fit together in the fastest time possible, either you help each other or you hinder. It all depends on your collaboration skills.

Performing under pressure: the task of passing as many balls as possible down a handheld pipeline within a five minute window highlighted individuals’ different approaches to working in a team under pressure. Cool, calm and supportive or high-energy encouragement – it was all on display.

Hult Alumni Strategy game pulling a tube around someone Hult Alumni Strategy game with puzzle pieces on the floor

How many business school graduates does it take to pass a man through a tube? It’s harder than it looks! Mutual trust and teamwork were crucial in the final task of the workshop that decided the competition winners.

One man job: How will the rest of the team contribute to a task carried out by out by one member who has to touch all 30 discs in the circle in ascending numerical order as quickly as possible?

Hult Alumni taking a selfie together Hult Alumni celebrating a fun and successful Alumni Summit

#hultmoment: old classmates, teammates and new friends commemorate the occasion with a group selfie at the Gala Dinner that topped off the summit.

Time to say goodbye: one last celebratory cheers to all their hard work, before, during and after the summit and to friendships that last a lifetime.


Interested in what happened on Day One? Read more about the London Alumni Summit 2014: Day One.

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