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Hult alumni are making a real difference in important jobs at most of the world’s major multinational companies. Hult MBA students who work hard and put in the hours find higher-paying jobs faster—with a quicker return on investment.

No MBA program gives students an automatic ticket to their dream job. But Hult globalizes your chances in a way that few other programs can. Your success post-graduation ultimately depends on you, but the unique set of tools we equip you with will help you to successfully launch the next step in your career.

Dr. Stephen Hodges

President, Hult International Business School

Return on investment

Start reaping the benefits of your MBA degree earlier than other leading MBA programs.

Our intensive one-year program provides you with the same business theory and knowledge as the world’s most respected two-year programs, plus practical experience and leadership coaching.

This lowers the overall cost, reduces the time you spend away from work, and allows you a much quicker re-entry into the job market—at an MBA salary. On average, our students are able to recoup their educational investment in just a little over two years.

Payback period (years)*


*Based on data from The Economist 2014 MBA rankings.

Increase your net worth in the job market by 122%

Hult MBA students earn salaries of nearly $92,000 on average after graduation, and $110,000 within three years.

Employers recognize the value of an MBA from Hult. They compensate our graduates accordingly. Salaries for the graduating Class of 2014 were more than double, compared to their earnings prior to enrollment.

In 2014, The Economist’s independent survey ranked us 6th for Percentage Increase on Pre-MBA Salary, quoting a 122% salary increase on average.


Average salary 3 months after graduation.


Average salary 3 years after graduation.

Transform your career in one year

98% of Hult students change their job location, industry, or function.

Our students choose us because they want to make a positive change to their lives— broaden their career options, switch to a new sector, or work abroad. Multiple campus locations allow us to connect students with a range of employers and job opportunities all around the world, making this change possible.
Our Global Campus Rotation program further enhances this by allowing students to immerse themselves in the local business culture of several cities. Networking on a global scale is a fundamental and exciting part of the Hult experience.

Post-Hult career changes


Post-Hult employment by region


1 - North America - 51%
2 - Asia - 11%
3 - Latin America - 10%
4 - Europe - 15%
5 - Middle East - 10%
6 - Africa - 2%
7 - South Asia - 1%

Post-Hult employment by industry


Being able to study in three cities in one year opens so many doors for you, doors all around the globe. My rotation enabled me to dip into the business environment of one of the financial capitals of the world, New York, where I now work for one of the top 1% of luxury real estate brokers in the U.S.

Tatiana Ufimtceva

Business Development Manager
Saunders & Associates
Russia, Class of 2014