Take electives for your Global One-Year MBA in Shanghai, the city driving one of the world's largest economies.

Your MBA rotation to Shanghai 

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Hult’s Shanghai campus

Our central Shanghai campus on People’s Square places you in the heart of a city driving one of the world’s largest economies. Surrounded by the city’s financial and commercial districts, gain firsthand experience of hugely influential Asian business culture.

A centrally located campus in China’s biggest city

Hult’s Shanghai campus is positioned right in the thick of the action on People’s Square, surrounded by the soaring skyscrapers of the city’s commercial and financial district. Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road, the outstanding Shanghai Museum, and the green spaces of People’s Park are all minutes away.

Award-winning architectural design

Our Shanghai campus has won several architectural awards. State-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, and spacious student lounges are all designed to create a calm ambiance, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai.


Percentage of Hult Shanghai graduates who typically go on to work for companies located in China.


Number of countries in which Hult Shanghai’s Class of 2013 are currently employed.


Corporate guests welcomed at our Shanghai campus last year.


Percentage of Shanghai graduates employed in a different country to their home country.

The atmosphere at Hult's Shanghai campus can be summed up in two words—diverse and adventurous. Students here are not afraid to take risks and want something more than a traditional MBA.

Michael Hernandez

Marketing Manager
Quala S.A
Colombia, Class of 2013

Why choose MBA electives in Shanghai?

Taking electives for your MBA in China will give you an insight into how one of the world’s biggest and most important markets works.

Unlock global career opportunities

Every global market trades with China – it is the world’s biggest exporter and second biggest importer. Studying business in Shanghai exposes you to China’s economic capital and financial center. During your MBA electives in Shanghai, you’ll see firsthand how China’s biggest city operates. Experience in this pivotal region and an understanding of the business culture here is important if you’re considering a career in international business, and essential if you want to work in Asia.


Residents in Shanghai make it one of the world’s largest cities.


Restaurants open their doors to Shanghai residents every day – it is set to become the food capital of the world.


Number of years Shanghai has experienced double-digit economic growth.


Percentage of Shanghai’s GDP contributed by the service sector.

At Hult Shanghai I met the most amazing and inspiring people in the world-my time there boosted my global network and opened my eyes to global issues.

Vivian Wang

Strategy & Operations Consultant
Deloitte China
Brazil, Class of 2012

Campus life

The students that rotate to Shanghai tend to form a tight-knit community and tend to have an adventurous spirit. There is a packed schedule of social and career events on and off campus.

Be inspired by our guest speakers

Insightful, motivating, and often revelatory, our speaker events are some of the most highly anticipated campus events. Hult Shanghai has recently hosted speakers from Apple, Unilever, Rovio Entertainment (the Angry Birds company), the Economist Intelligence Unit, KPMG, Accenture, Microsoft, and sustainability pioneer Peggy Liu, Chair of the Joint U.S. China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE).

Work with global players and local influencers

Business leaders in Shanghai are keen to connect with international talent and company visits, guest speakers, lunchtime seminars, one-off presentations, and student clubs provide frequent opportunities for face-to-face meetings. Past Business Challenge partners include Hangzhou-based Alibaba.com.

Live in the sophisticated cultural center of China

Shanghai has a well-deserved reputation as China’s most cosmopolitan city. A young, creative, and internationally aware population has seen the rise of “Shanghai Chic”—a booming fashion scene, much talked about art movement, world-renowned restaurants and shopping districts, and a lively nightlife. In Shanghai you can also discover China’s fascinating history and experience a unique culture.

I’m surrounded by people with shared values, in a new environment, taking on an exciting challenge— there is an extraordinary atmosphere of collaboration.

Damien Dandelot

Project Manager Strategy & Organization
Switzerland, Class of 2013

Campus location & details

Hult International Business School

Shanghai Campus

Huaxin Haixin Building (formerly Jinling Haixin)
666 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, China

+86 21 6133 6588

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