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Our award-winning Global MBA curriculum simultaneously develops your core business knowledge and leadership skills, then forces you to put everything you’ve learned to the test with real-world practice.

How it works

Hult's MBA helps you become a well-rounded business professional in one intensive year.


6 credits



Intensive introduction to the fundamentals of business & leadership

Career coaching

Continuous career assessment, coaching, and advice from a team of dedicated advisors

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Module A

15 credits


Business knowledge

Courses that teach you the fundamental concepts of business theory

Leadership skills

Professional coaching on how to succeed as a leader & team member

Business Challenge

7-month group project to solve a corporate problem or launch your own enterprise

Module B

18 credits


Module C

11 credits


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Module D

6 credits



Elective classes that allow you to customize your MBA to a specific career

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Global Campus Rotation

Option to study at up to two more Hult campuses worldwide

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Module E

9 credits


Credit structure

Hult awards U.S. degrees. Please refer to the chart opposite for credits per module, along with equivalent European credits for comparison.

Click here for 2016/17 academic calendar.

Module    US course credits  Equivalent ECTS
  (European credits)
Immersion 6 15
Module A 15 37.5
Module B 18 45
Module C 11 27.5
Module D 6 15
Module E 9 22.5
Total 65 162.5

Hult will globalize your chances in a way that few other programs can. Your success post-graduation ultimately depends on you, but the unique set of tools we equip you with will help you to successfully launch the next step in your career.

Stephen Hodges

President of Hult International Business School