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Global Executive MBA class profile

Our current EMBA student body is a diverse global network of talented professionals from over 80 nationalities.





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Currently ranked #1 by The Economist for industries represented in class

Hult's EMBA Class of 2018 represents a diverse network of accomplished professionals from numerous roles and industries.

2016-17 EMBA industry pie
2016-17 EMBA industry pie
2016-17 EMBA function pie
2016-17 EMBA function pie

A snapshot of companies represented by our current

Hult EMBA Class of 2018


3M ABB Accenture BCG
bmb BNP Paribas BT Capita
Cisco Citigroup EY EMC
Emirates Ford GE GSK
Halliburton HP Intel Intercontinental
Johnson & Johnson  KPMG LinkedIn Microsoft
Nike Novartis Oracle Pepsi
Pfizer PWC Rio Tinto Samsung
Skoda TED Thomson Reuters UniCredit Bank

Featured EMBA profiles

Find out why our students decided to do the Executive MBA, their experience on the program and the impact the program has had on their professional lives.
For Mike, the Hult EMBA curriculum is uniquely challenging and inspiring - unlike traditional business schools, it reflects the business needs of today.
Mike Smollan

Executive Drector, Smollan - Retail Solutions, 
Executive MBA Class of 2016

"Hult really is pushing the boundaries of the curriculum of traditional business schools and embracing the newness of the world and how it works. The classes push you to think progressively about business and to challenge existing ideas. For example taking Corporate Social Responsibility, we had to deconstruct what that means and come up with new models, not just absorb existing information and frameworks. Hult isn't about teaching knowledge about a business world that no longer exists. You learn the ability think about your business in an innovative way."

The Hult EMBA is perfect for someone who needs a boost to reach the next level of their career. Now that I've got my EMBA my company is worried I might leave— It's unlocking more opportunities, promotions, contacts, and offers.

Magdalena Skorupa 

Global Security Director, Honeywell
Executive MBA Class of 2017

After running my own company for 5 years now, the Executive MBA gave me insight and tools that I didn't have before. I've learned from my very diverse classmates, and I'm now developing new ways of thinking in business and my personal life.

Aurelien Thomas

President, ATS – Turnaround Solutions
Executive MBA Class of 2017

I felt the need to formalize, structure and upgrade the business knowledge I have gained from the actual business world I was working in. The program has had a real and tangible impact on my everyday work life and business knowledge.

Elisveta Vasileva 

Country Manager, Think Digital
Executive MBA Class of 2015

“Alongside the overall objective of stepping up a level in my career through the EMBA, for me the most persuasive aspect when deciding on a business school was Hult’s standing as a truly global institution. This, together with the diverse composition of students with various backgrounds, represents a unique opportunity to learn and to further grow—personally as well as professionally.”

Benjamin chose the Hult EMBA due to its ability to deliver a truly global perspective and experience.

Benjamin Blunk

Vice President - Group Treasury, Deutsche Bank Class of 2015

The vast international exposure you get at Hult gives you the chance to experience different cultures, business perspectives, and market dynamics. Now I have connections spanning the globe, from the Asia-Pacific region, to the U.S., and South Africa.

Mohamed Radwan

Product Manager, The Dow Chemical Company
Executive MBA Class of 2013

I took elective courses in a different country each year–Boston, Dubai, and London. It expanded my network of contacts beyond my direct peers, and now I can say I have friends in almost every corner of the world who could become business partners.

Elizaveta Vasileva

Country Manager, Think Digital
Executive MBA Class of 2015

I really liked working with a multicultural team of students with different backgrounds to complete a consulting project for an external company. It was an excellent way to learn and gain confidence using consulting tools, as well as to apply the classroom concepts.

Tayseer Alhaj 

Lead Consultant, Devo Systems 
Executive MBA Class of 2014

Mario found the flexibility of the Executive MBA program critical when he went from being COO of Ferrari in London, to CEO of Brembo China.

Mario Almondo
Mario Almondo

CEO, Brembo
Executive MBA Class of 2015

"I had more than 22 years of professional experience and was COO at Ferrari when I decided to embark upon my Executive MBA at Hult. I started the program at the London campus then shifted to Shanghai to better suit my new position as CEO of Brembo China. I was able to move my activities to the other side of the world without any interruption.”

The approach at Hult is very practical. Every month we work with different people, and that’s so much like the real business world. I’ve worked with 80% of my cohort in different teams and each consisting of many nationalities — it’s very realistic to the workplace.

Keith Hanna

IT Solutions Architect, formerly Microsoft 
Executive MBA Class of 2017

I found the focused, intense program and working with people from a variety of countries, on a wide variety of projects incredibly valuable. It's left a lasting impact on my career and allowed me to achieve my aim of moving from banking into management consultancy.

Sumit Singh

Management Consultant,
Executive MBA Class of 2014

With some discipline, it is easily possible to combine a demanding job, family life and the EMBA, due to its format. I've found the intellectual challenge, interacting and exchanging ideas with more than 60 great people once per month, during 4 days and over a period of 2 years incredibly valuable. 

Andre Mack 

Director, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting
Executive MBA Class of 2014

"After being in a company for a number of years, you are always looking for challenges. In order to move forward and constantly be challenged, it’s important to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. Working in the electronics industry, where there is a lot of innovation and new competitors everywhere, I was craving to learn new techniques to improve Sony’s connection with custom­ers, and help ensure its leading market position. I have found the practical leadership and management skills I gained particularly useful in my role."
After a number of years at Sony, Carlo wanted to equip himself with new skills in order to move his career and the business forward.

Carlo Viray EMBA
Carlo Viray 

General Manager for Corporate Planning & Control Europe, Sony
Executive MBA Class of 2013

With more than 20 years of professional experience at executive level, I valued the fact that faculty was not a bunch of academics disconnected from the real world. All models taught were challenged by faculty as compared to real cases, usually in a thought-provoking manner, taking us out of our comfort zone.

Andre Mack

Director, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting
Executive MBA Class of 2014

A lot of the top companies that existed years ago don’t exist anymore, and there’s a reason for that. I wanted to make sure my degree was relevant for what’s happening today, and more importantly what’s happening in the future. Hult isn’t just a business school, you’re living business when you’re studying there. 

Felicity Leahy

Business Development and Strategy Consultant, Spa Genesis Consulting,
Executive MBA Class of 2017

The program at Hult offers the unique opportunity to learn from world-class faculty with work experience obtained from prominent and global companies. The faculty at Hult bring their respective industry experience and insights into the classroom. Students are exposed to real-life issues and solutions.

Bachir El-Saghir, 

Senior Landscape Architect, Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners)
Executive MBA Class of 2016

Seiji benefited from the EMBA by working in an environment that simulated the reality of working in global business.
Seiji Morioka

Senior Director of Operations & Strategy | Commercial Solutions
Asia Pacific & Japan, VMware
Executive MBA Class of 2016

"Hult is a truly international and diverse business school that has a wide variety of students across the globe who have different cultural and business backgrounds, business experience and skills. Through the program, you can simulate and learn from a diverse international working environment. As technologies are making the globe flat and connected much tighter than before, I believe that demonstrating leadership in a truly internationally diverse working environment will be one of the most important competencies.”