Earn your Global Executive MBA in Shanghai, the city driving one of the world's largest economies. 

Hult Shanghai

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Your Executive MBA in Shanghai

Experience in this pivotal region is now a must-have for any aspiring leader.

  • Located in the city's commercial hub
  • Get a competitive edge with firsthand experience in China 
  •     Understand the city driving the world’s fastest-growing economy

Hult’s Shanghai Campus

Our centrally located Shanghai campus is right in the thick of the action and the award-winning design provides a peaceful study environment. 

The atmosphere on campus is very relaxed, very positive. People aren’t competing, they’re collaborating.

Fabian Krane

Senior Finance Manager, Philips Health Systems
Class of 2018

Why do your Executive MBA in Shanghai?

Shanghai is an epic metropolis of breathtaking size and scope. The commercial center of Asian business, this city is the birthplace of new trends and groundbreaking ideas. At our campus right in People’s Square in the heart of Shanghai, you’ll gain invaluable insight into Chinese culture and business practices and make connections in this influential city.


Residents in Shanghai make it one of the world’s largest cities.


They year Shanghai broke the record for the world's largest fair when it hosted the World Expo.


Number of years Shanghai has experienced double-digit economic growth.


Percentage of Shanghai’s GDP contributed by it's three largest industries: financial services, retail, and real estate.

Asia, and specifically China, are incredibly dynamic with ever-growing business opportunities. Delving deep into the diverse local economy in Shanghai was an eye-opening experience.

Benjamin Blunk

Asset & Liability Manager EMEA, Deutsche Bank
Germany, Class of 2015 

Campus life

The students that rotate to Shanghai tend to form a tight-knit community and tend to have an adventurous spirit. 

Be in thick of the action

Hult’s Shanghai campus is located in the city’s commercial center on People’s Square, surrounded by the soaring skyscrapers of the financial district. Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road, and the green spaces of People’s Park are all minutes away. It’s a convenient location to travel to and an exciting place to experience.

A peaceful study environment in the heart of the city

Our campus is designed to create a relaxed ambiance, perfect for study and project work. Retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai during classes and team meetings, then step outside and absorb the energy and complexity of modern China. Hult Shanghai is a hub of international diversity in a city with a primarily Chinese population, giving it a uniquely collaborative atmosphere.

Connect with people driving China's growth

Manufacturing and export are traditionally the largest industries in China—it is the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer of goods—but with rapid growth in the service, financial, retail, and real estate industries, China’s new generation of entrepreneurs are making waves internationally. Whether your career aspirations lie within China, Asia, or further afield—understanding Shanghai is invaluable.

At Hult Shanghai I was working alongside world-class professors and like-minded aspirational peers looking to achieve excellence in their careers.

Ksheerasagare Chandra Shekhar

Senior Director, Product Development & Technical Services. Gloria Jeans
India, Class of 2015

Campus location & details

Hult International Business School

Shanghai Campus

Huaxin Haixin Building (formerly Jinling Haixin)
666 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, China

+86 21 6133 6588

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