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Specialization: Entrepreneurship

Acquire all the knowledge, tools, and, mentorship you need to start your own organization.

Sample entrepreneurship electives

Please note that we strive to keep our electives as up-to-date as possible, but the exact courses on offer may vary slightly.

Breakthrough Strategies

Sustainability has been embraced by many organizations as a driver for value creation. Economic prosperity and sound financial statements are constantly interlinked with environmental and social events. Incorporating economic, social and environmental aspects as part of the decision-making process is the triple bottom line of sustainability. This course considers the main challenges and opportunities that arise from incorporating sustainable development in a business strategy as well as leading corporate practices and real cases. At the end of this course you should have learnt to identify opportunities to create business value from environmental and social issues and understand the implications related to the successful execution of projects. You should have also learnt what type of long-term strategies can be set to foster sustainable development and sound financial sense. When does it pay to be green? How does one successfully lead business initiatives and convert them into successful projects? You will learn to develop a sustainable framework for thinking about these opportunities and challenges.

Disruptive Business Models

This course looks in-depth at creating effective business models, from customer selection and offerings to activities to be conducted internally or outsourced, and how to capture profits. A business model is a set of planned assumptions about how a firm will create value. Increasingly, this kind of innovation is the most critical form of sustainable competitive advantage. All too often, companies attempt to compete and bring new products and services to market with outdated business models; meanwhile, disruptive models are often the model of choice for entrepreneurs and have proven successful within the start-up environment. Students will consider how enabling technologies such as mobile and web 3.0 and big data analytics serve as catalysts and accelerate the need for companies to constantly monitor and refine their business models.

New Business Venturing

This course focuses on various dimensions of entrepreneurship and related business processes. Its aim is to prepare students to effectively manage the process of generating ideas and converting them into tailored customer offerings. The course provides a comprehensive foundation for additional learning in the context of entrepreneurship as theory and practice. The emphasis throughout the course is on drawing and synthesizing concepts, approaches, and techniques from the functional areas of entrepreneurship and management. Students graduating from this class will have insights about entrepreneurial management and process design as catalysts for sustainable competitive advantage.

Note: Courses listed above are samples and subject to change; not all courses are available at every campus location.