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Customize your Executive MBA: When you pick your elective, you are able to tailor the program’s content to meet your individual and professional goals. Over the summer, choose elective classes relevant to a specific career or industry, or study a broad range of general management topics. 

Executive MBA electives

You can specialize in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, business analytics, or disruptive technology by completing three or more electives in a particular subject area.

EMBA student in class
EMBA student in class


Focus your studies on international marketing to grow an existing global brand—or create one of your own. Gain specialized skills in market research, branding, consumer behavior, sales, and new product development. These combined business and marketing skills prepare graduates for a wide array of careers that go beyond traditional functional marketing.

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Give yourself the competitive edge in the world of finance. Designed with input from Fortune 1000 CFOs, leading academics, and a broad range of finance professionals, this specialization provides broad exposure to areas such as corporate finance as well as developing your analytical and interpretive skills— crucial no matter what finance career path you choose.

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Business Analytics

In a world of increasing information and big data overload, employers actively seek candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions. Specialize in business analytics to equip yourself with the analytical and business capabilities needed to translate data statistics and analysis into action.

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Got a great idea for a startup? Acquire all the knowledge, tools, and mentorship you need to start your own organization. You can further focus your studies in social entrepreneurship by gaining knowledge of how to navigate social and political issues, as well as a full understanding of how to make change happen. (Note: Since many of your professors are successful and busy entrepreneurs themselves, some of these classes might be conducted online.)

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Disruptive Technology electives

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. There are a number of disruptive technologies that are exponentially driving this change. Our courses in Disruptive Technology offer you the opportunity to better understand these technologies and their potential impact on business and our lives.

Each of our Disruptive Technology courses has been built in conjunction with a world-renowned industry expert and covers the basics of how the technology works, the potential applications, the major players driving the technology, the likely development timeline, and the key issues which need to be overcome for the full potential to be realized.
Sample disruptive technology nano courses

– 3D Printing
– Autonomous Vehicles 
– AI & Machine Learning 
– Robotics
– Genome Editing
– Drones
– Blockchain
– Virtual & Augmented Reality
– Internet of Things
– Solar Power & Energy Storage