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Practical application: Applied learning

Every class and professor at Hult is different, but they all share a hands-on approach that enables you to develop your understanding in a real-world context most relevant to you. The courses are designed to focus on collaborative solutions, innovative thinking, and practical application.

Each course is designed so that it’s practical and you can immediately apply what you learn to your work. Even before arriving in class, you have the chance to understand how you can apply the learnings to your particular field. The opportunity to use what you learn is huge.

Ahmad Gebaly

Urban Designer, CallisonRTKL
EMBA Class of 2017

EMBA Applied Learning
EMBA Applied Learning

How it works

Prep–work: The classroom is no place for reading

Your face-to-face time with your professors and peers is vital and reserved for discussions and collaboration. Before each class you'll be asked to read about new concepts and theories that will be explored and built upon in class. You'll then be set the challenge of applying those theories to your current organization or your target organization, and come to class prepared to delve deeper into the subject while applying the concepts in a real-world context.

In-class: Real-world learning in real time

Your professors and peers are a major asset. In every class, you’ll have the benefit of their collective experience applied to the topic you are studying. Expect lectures and case discussion, interactive participation, small group exercises, team presentations, and guest speakers. Working in diverse teams, you will solve practical challenges that will enable you to tackle real business problems and apply new knowledge in real time. The projects and challenges on every course will differ but each is designed to put theory into practice and push you out of your comfort zone.

Assignments: Immediate application to your organization

Your post-course assignment will focus on applying what you've learned to your current or target organization. You’ll develop your understanding in a way that’s directly relevant to you and see immediate impact on your current job. You’ll also spend time reflecting on your teamwork and leadership skills with in-depth, peer-to-peer feedback, and gain key insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Professional application: Skills that last a lifetime

You’ll continue to draw on the bank of advanced business knowledge and tools you’ve acquired throughout your program as you increase your responsibilities and navigate your career path. These self-awareness and leadership capabilities will stay with you and you will refine them as you grow as a professional. The skills and insights you’ll gain will have far-reaching applications that will continue to impact your professional growth long after the end of your program.

Applied learning in action

International Marketing

Concepts learned in class were brought to life by visiting five-star hotels in the city. Teams were tasked with understanding product and positioning through the eyes of a marketer, then with using their research to create, pitch, and defend their own unique offering.

Financial management

Students used publicly available live market data to generate realistic scenarios, calculations of market risk measures, and the cost of capital for selected companies. They then used advanced Excel tools to determine the company’s financing needs and make investment decisions.

Operations management

In this classroom simulation, students took the role of operations consultants running an aviation factory. Their challenge was to create strategies to develop and improve processes, apply lean methodologies, and adapt their approach in real time.