Practical experience: Action Projects

Students put all the business knowledge and skills they learned to the test with this six-week team competition in which they helped solve a real business problem facing a global company, non-profit, or fast-growing enterprise.

The challenge

What it was

Over six weeks, teams met with the company executive several times to come up with a fully-fledged plan for growth. They were guided through the process by one of our world-class consulting coaches who acted as a mentor. Each team presented their final proposal to a group of executives from the organization. Action Projects were tailored to the subject focus of each Master program, so Master of Social Entrepreneurship students developed sustainable strategies for relevant companies or non-profit organizations.

How it worked

We placed students in small teams and assigned each team to a global company, non-profit, or fast-growing enterprise to help solve a real business problem they were facing. At all of our international campuses, we created partnerships with major corporations and leading business executives, and students worked intimately with a senior executive in charge of the company’s growth and development. Our Action Projects were based on the theme of “Innovation and Growth” and targeted the most important and difficult problem facing every company: identifying new pathways for growth.

Why it counts

Presenting to the senior management of a major corporation was an exciting conclusion to a life-changing year. The project gave students the opportunity to develop solutions to the pressing challenges of major corporations and to receive feedback from senior business leaders. The challenge wasn’t just an academic exercise, it was the launch pad for a corporate career, their own startup, or social enterprise.

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