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As companies look to differentiate their offerings in a global marketplace, Hult’s one-year Masters in International Marketing degree equips you with the strategic and executional marketing skills needed to stand out.

Your Masters in International Marketing at a glance

Who is this program for?

Candidates with a minimum of one year's work experience OR Bachelors degree in a business-related discipline

Home campus: Boston, London (September-April)

Rotation Campus: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, New York (May-August)

What you’ll learn

Mastering the marketing mix is more critical than ever as consumers are constantly exposed to an increasing amount of online and offline content. You’ll learn how to leverage digital marketing, social media, marketing analytics, and customer engagement strategies to break through the noise and make a measurable impact on business objectives through marketing.

Potential careers

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Associate Product Manager
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Content Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product Research Analyst
  • Account Executive

Program timeline

Your degree has been designed so that you continuously apply business knowledge as you acquire it, practice your teamwork and leadership skills, and keep your thinking focused on the future.


Immersion - 3 weeks


Introduction and orientation to launch the program.

Career development

Continuous career assessment, coaching, and advice from dedicated advisors.
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October to December

Module A - 12 weeks

Business Knowledge

Courses designed to teach you the fundamental concepts of business theory.
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Career development continues...

January to April

Module B - 11 weeks Module C - 6 weeks

Business Knowledge continues...

Business Challenge

An extensive group project to solve a challenge for a major corporation or launch your own enterprise.
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Career development continues...

May to August

Module D - 6 weeks
Module E - 6 weeks

Specializations & electives

Elective classes that allow you to customize your program to a specific career.
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Global Campus Rotation

Option to study at up to two more Hult campuses worldwide.
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Career development continues...



Business Core

Leadership program

Develop critical skills through continual practice, feedback, and coaching.



Business Core



Future Challenge




Global Campus Rotation

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Note: The degree you’ll be awarded upon graduation is a Master of Science in International Marketing.