Master student testimonials

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and geographies, and after Hult go onto achieve an equally diverse array of accomplishments. Below are a few snapshots of graduates from our MBA program. 

As a high-performing scholar with a background in engineering at one of India’s leading consultancies, Ram had his pick of career options. His degree from Hult gave him much more than a qualification.
MIB Shanghai Ram Narayan
Ram Narayanan

CEO and Co-founder, KarmaSnap Ltd, Indian, Master of International Business Class of 2013

"Hult helped me to turn my vision into reality. I am the CEO and Founder of a company that provides a platform for non-profits to increase the positive impact of their work. In order to be able to touch many lives, you need to be skilled, confident, and most importantly, be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Hult gave me all of those things.

My fellow students brought a great deal of experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the table, and much of what I learned came from my peers and friends. But more than the textbooks, the mentors, and the networks, studying abroad can teach you something that nothing else can—it makes you a better person.”


My rotation to London and Shanghai were fantastic opportunities, both personally and professionally. I learned to adapt rapidly to different cultural environments, and it was amazing to meet people from all around the globe.

Maria Abondano

CFO, Proyectos R&M, Columbian, Master of International Business Class of 2012

Hult is a fast-moving, challenging, and energetic environment. I rotated from London to San Francisco and Shanghai, and now I have a very wide network. The digital marketing knowledge I learned was a great advantage when applying to big companies in the online world.

Daan Suijlen

Agency Development Manager, Google, Dutch, Master of International Marketing Class of 2012

Marketing is changing rapidly. Knowing theories is not enough; we need to apply them creatively. I worked with real companies on projects, from a marketing campaign for a winery to a Google online marketing challenge. I am now ready to launch my career as a marketing professional.

Marie Berriet

Marketing Associate, Nebia, French, Master of International Marketing Class of 2015

“From day one, the support from Career Development was excellent. They helped make my resume really impressive and supported me throughout my whole job application and interview process.

It’s tough out there—you need to be on top of your game. It’s worth starting to think about your career early and talking to your career advisor. Hult helped me to successfully re-enter the job market amid a challenging market environment."

Jan made the most out of his one-on-one career support from Hult. 
MIB London Jan Straube
Jan Straube

Associate Director, Capital Structure Advisory, Lloyds Banking Group, German, Master of International Business Class of 2013

I learned about international business both in the classroom and from my classmates. Everything started at Hult. It even inspired me to start my own international business.

Kenji Yamamura

Co-founder, Pashadelic, Japanese, Master of Finance Class of 2012

Hult Boston was a tipping point in my career. I gained experience in the U.S. while being exposed to cultures from all over the world. It expanded my horizons in a way I never imagined. A few months after graduation, I started working for one of the biggest consultancy companies in the world—something I never would’ve thought possible before Hult.”

Diego Nahuel de Vries

Manager, Deloitte, Argentinian, Master of International Business Class of 2012

I love how open Hult is, not just physically but culturally. You can express your ideas without fear of judgment. The culture permeates from the faculty and staff, through the students and beyond.

Justin Bauman

Program Manager, Amazon, American, Master of International Business Class of 2013

Christine came to Hult for an international experience. Now she’s on Forbes’ list of 30 under 30.
MIB Dubai Christine Souffrant
Christine Souffrant

Founder and CEO, Vendedy American and Haitian, Master of International Business Class of 2014

“There’s a difference between education and experience—and it was experience I wanted. No other Master program provides students with the opportunity to apply skills like Hult does. The school’s entrepreneurial spirit pushes students to think and do things differently.

My startup, Vendedy, follows the eBay/ Etsy model of providing an online platform for street vendors to connect with consumers. The Clinton Global Initiative selected us as a 2014 Poverty Alleviation Commitment and we’re now a global finalist for the $1 million Global Chivas Venture Prize for Social Innovation. If we succeed, we have the potential to bring two billion street vendors out of poverty.”

Hult San Francisco was very vibrant and friendly. People at Hult are a special breed—open-minded and engaged. You see teams brainstorming and communicating across cultural boundaries. Inside class there's a real sense of unity—I now have a network, not only of business contacts, but of friends across the globe.”

Maurits Versteeg

Strategic Partner Manager, Google, Dutch, Master of International Marketing Class of 2013

Coming to Hult San Francisco was the best decision I've made in my life. The school, my life here, traveling and meeting people from all over the world—all that made my year at Hult memorable in a way that will last a lifetime. You feel part of the Hult community. There are quiet spots if you want to study, as well as halls full of students to talk to, ask for advice, or share experiences with.

Mila Urosevic

Business Analyst, Cisco Systems, Serbian, Master of International Marketing Class of 2014

During my time at Hult London, I spent many long nights studying, explored an amazing city, and started a student club—all while working with, and learning from, some of the most talented and knowledgeable people in my industry. This is not an experience I could’ve found at any other school—Hult offers the most unique graduate study opportunity in the world.

Kathryn Green

Marketing Director, Saks Fifth Avenue, Australian, Master of International Marketing Class of 2013

"One month after graduation I started working for Google at its European HQ managing a million-dollar portfolio. The whole Hult experience made the Google interviews easier for me—I had a lot of achievements that made me stand out from the crowd, including working on a project with a mannequin manufacturer in China to presenting an idea to President Bill Clinton in New York at the Hult Prize finals.

I got a job most people my age dream of and I get to keep one of the best alumni networks I can think of. The international exposure I had at Hult helps me daily in my job.”

Since Hult, Pedro has been working the tech dream: first at Google, then YouTube, and now Vidsy. 
MIB Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho

Brand Partnerships, Vidsy, Portuguese, Master of International Business Class of 2012

I’m improving my financial skills through solving real-life complex problems in class. Engaging with real financial issues in different scenarios, along with the feedback I’m receiving from professors, is making me a better problem-solver, and more prepared for a job in finance.

Erika Guzman

Financial Analyst, Scotiabank, Master of International Finance Class of 2016

At Hult, I worked in international teams with international faculty for a year, and was acquainted with different cultures and work styles. That’s what gave my job application a competitive edge.

Diederik Leenarts

Market Visionaries Program, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Dutch, Master of International Marketing Class of 2015

My end goal was to go into consulting, but I didn’t have any experience in that field. I did the Career Fast Track program to solidify my career plan before I arrived on campus, and I had an appointment with my personal career adviser in my first week. The skills I gained at Hult were excellent preparation for my role as a consultant.

Michael Poy

Consultant, E&Y, Canadian, Master of International Business Class of 2015

Studying in Shanghai opened a world of new possibilities to Raissa, and she now lives and works there.

Raissa Mendes

Digital Brand & Marketing, DJI China, Brazilian, Master of International Business Class of 2016

“After studying in Shanghai, I’ve decided to stay. The city is called the business capital of China for a reason—its dynamic environment and cultural vibrancy make it an exhilarating place, and the professional and personal possibilities seem endless.

I’m now working for a Chinese company based in Shenzhen—‘China’s Silicon Valley’—who owns 70% of the drone market. I’ll supporting the company’s marketing in Latin America—it couldn’t be a better fit for me!

At Hult, I’ve developed skills to be an efficient team player and a confident decision-maker, plus discussions in class have broadened my horizons and destroyed my preconceived ideas of the world. Hult has helped place me at the intersection of global business.”

I pursued my degree not just for the education, but also for the opportunity to build an international network. Hult helped me make these connections, and through them I've discovered a new entrepreneurial part of myself. Hult gives you the tools and freedom you need to succeed—you just have to take advantage of them.

Giuseppe Iamele

Computer Software, 2Click Solutions, Italian, Master of International Business Class of 2015

I wanted a school that would prioritize helping me get a job. Hult taught me how to map out my career search and interview successfully to seal the deal. These skills helped me get my current job at Deloitte.

Michele Bianchi

Analyst, Deloitte, Italian, Master of Finance Class of 2015

Hult really cares about individual development. There are many young talented people who want to work in the consulting industry who have experience. The confidence I gained at Hult helped me stand out in a crowded market.

Wen-Jie Cheok

Associate in Financial Services, KPMG, German, Master of International Business Class of 2015

"Hult is a very innovative business school. It inspires students to try things they are really passionate about. At Hult San Francisco, I was at the center of the startup community and was encouraged to embark upon something I once thought impossible.

"There was a highly active atmosphere on campus. I loved all the discussion and collaboration with teammates, as well as the research trips. We had students from more than 90 different countries on campus—each student was unique, and there was a lot to learn from all my classmates. Don’t be afraid to innovate, whether you succeed or not, the experience will teach you a lot about yourself.”

At Hult, Joanna learned to embrace innovation.

MIM San Francisco Johanna zhu
Joanna Zhu

Head of Brand Marketing,, Chinese, Master of International Marketing Class of 2013

Hult is like a mini U.N. filled with great talent from all over the world. The respect students and staff have for each other inside and outside of the classroom is exceptional. After Hult, I was a changed person with the mentality that nothing is impossible. I have done things at Hult I never imagined I would do.

Hafswa Salim

Supply Chain Controlling, L'Oréal, Kenyan, Master of International Business Class of 2014

Hult provides an atmosphere that every ambitious business student is searching for. It's inspiring, transparent, and business-driven. Every minute you learn to adapt to new situations. Studying at Hult has shown pushed me further, allowing me to achieve more than I ever imagined.

Michele Ribeiro

Investment Attraction Board, State Secretariat of Economic Development, Science, Technology, and Higher Ed of Minas Gerais, Brazilian, Class of 2014

Like all the Hult campuses, Shanghai has an open-door policy which allows you to voice any concern you might have —even if it’s where to find the best Italian restaurant. Student Services put together fantastic events that helped to bring us together, including a night river cruise and dinner along the Bund—it was dazzling. I love this city.

Elizabeth Mueller

Project Manager, ChinaNetCloud, American, Master of International Business Class of 2014

Lukas came to Hult looking to expand his knowledge of the international finance sector, develop a diverse professional network, and land a job at a top financial institution. And that’s just what he did.
MBA London Lukas Thoeni
Lukas Thoeni

Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Austrian, Master of Finance Class of 2013

"I chose Hult because of the unique learning experience it offers students. I was expecting a very good balance between being taught theoretically and a hands-on approach, and I was not disappointed. The project work offered me an innovative way to get insight into the financial sector and an invaluable opportunity to learn about market mechanisms in detail.

My rotation to Shanghai gave me fascinating insights into the Asian market and possible future career opportunities in this region. I also now have a professional network that spans numerous countries and industries. The support I received from Hult’s Career Services team was of real benefit, and shortly before graduation I secured a job as Associate at LGT Group before moving into my current position as a Consultant at McKinsey.”

"The beautiful interior of the campus creates a good working environment and feels like a second home. The central location of the campus means you can relax in a park, go to the pub, or grab a coffee. Student Services organize all kind of social events, parties, dinners, and mixers.

The Hult Football Club had a team of 22 people from all over the world who played with universities from across London—we became champions of the British University and College Sports League. All the incredible people I’ve met have had an enormous impact on my life and my career.”

Tobias made the most of his time at Hult London by becoming president of the Football club. After Hult, he co-founded his own start-up.

MIB London Tobias Wingbermuehle
Tobias Wingbermuehle

Co-Founder, Clustermarket, German, Master of International Business 2015

At Hult there is an atmosphere which is difficult to find in other business schools. Hult reflects the modern business world, where changes must not just be accepted, but anticipated.

Benedetta Moreno

Business Development Manager, Swarovski, Italian, Master of International Marketing Class of 2014

I now have friends and connections all over the world. I can do business in any region and know I have a local contact, and I have friends to stay with everywhere I go.

Marc Mahabir

Senior Manager of Corporate Finance, Scotiabank, Canadian, Master of International Business Class of 2010

The diversity in the Hult classroom creates an interesting and stimulating vibe—a unique learning experience in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Tala Oweis

Senior Customer Sucess Manager, HubSpot, Jordanian, Master of International Business Class of 2012

Maria joined Hult after completing an internship with Morgan Stanley in the U.S. After her time at Hult Dubai, she now works there for Ford Motor Company.

MIB Dubai Maria Khan
Maria Khan

Senior Financial Analyst, Ford, Pakistani-American, Master of International Business Class of 2014

"The atmosphere on the Dubai campus is what made me fall in love with Hult. Apart from the diversity in the classroom, the relationships between students and staff is something I haven’t seen at any other business school. Everybody knows each other on first-name terms and the environment is like a family. Having this sense of inclusiveness makes it much easier to be so far from home.

There are endless activities suited to all interests, both on and off campus. The location of Dubai itself also provides endless travel opportunities, making exploring the surrounding areas very easy.”