Take Master of International Business electives in iconic New York City.

Master of International Business in New York

Hult's New York Rotation center

Hult’s Master of International Business students that rotate to New York have the opportunity to live and study in central Manhattan.

Live and learn in downtown Manhattan

Our rotation center is located at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, a state-of-the-art learning space in central Manhattan. Access New York’s key business districts, soak up the city’s infectious energy, and see all the world-famous landmarks for yourself. Our rotation center and student accommodation is minutes from Central Park and the fashionable East Village.


Languages spoken in the city, making it one of the most ethnically diverse in the world.


Percentage of New York residents born in other countries.

Number of the world’s largest stock exchanges located here.

Why choose electives in New York?

When you rotate to New York, you will experience more than just a place. New York is an international icon for opportunity, ambition, and the American Dream.

See the world’s most influential city in action

New York is the ultimate American icon. For over 200 years, people from all over the world have flocked to the city to make their fortunes and build a better life. Business doesn’t get more iconic than Wall Street with its financial giants and Madison Avenue, the birthplace of modern advertising. Notoriously competitive and highly ambitious, New York’s job market is not for the faint-hearted. But if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.


Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in New York.


New York’s position on the Global Economic Power Index.

Campus life

Students that rotate to New York are often fulfilling a lifelong dream and have aspirations to work in the city after graduation. Hult provides many events to enable you to get to know the city, personally and professionally.

Explore how finance, media, and politics interact

Business and politics are two sides of the same economic coin. Students at Hult New York are uniquely positioned to explore this complex relationship with thought leaders from the worlds of finance, marketing, and politics. Past events have included discussions with the Honorable Thomas Reeve Pickering, former U.S. Ambassador, visits to Bloomberg headquarters, and guided tours of the United Nations headquarters.

Experience and understand U.S. business culture

U.S. corporate giants such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, American Express, and Time Warner are all based in Manhattan. At Hult New York, you’ll learn what really turns the cogs of American business directly from leading executives and academics. To support students in their efforts to enter the fiercely competitive New York job market, we run job search strategy workshops in conjunction with our intensive Career Development program.

Get to know a great American icon

We organize many events and trips that enable students to make the most of this great city while they’re on rotation here. Meals at the staggering array of delis and restaurants, bike rides through Central Park, evenings at Broadway shows, baseball games at the Yankee Stadium, and American football with the New York Giants – and that’s before you’ve even started exploring for yourself.

Location & details

New York rotation center

Hult Staff, Room 901
41 Cooper Square
New York, 
NY 10003, U.S.A.

+1 (212) 353-4360

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