The option to earn a second Master degree in a further six months of accelerated study at our U.S. campuses

Hult's unique Dual Degree Program enables you to earn a one-year Master of International Business and add a second Masters degree in 9 months of further study at our Boston or San Francisco Campuses, with the option to accelerate to 6 – so you can earn 2 degrees in just 18 months.


Stand out in the job market

Most students come to Hult to make a change—99% change industry, function, or geography after graduation. It’s difficult to make a change in a competitive job market, and even more so if you’re an international student. That’s why we’ve created a Dual Degree Program, designed specifically for students looking to make a big change.


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Program fees

We have a range of financing options, as well as scholarships for eligible candidates, which can help towards funding your program.


Program Fees

Master of International Buiness Program Fee 43,250 45,000 31,200 158,500
Dual Degree Program Fee 27,000 27,000 20,000* 99,200*

Total 70,250 72,000 50,300* 257,300*
*The program fee for the Dual Degree Program must be paid in U.S. dollars, and therefore this is an illustrative price based on the current exchange rate, which is subject to fluctuate.

How it works

First, develop core business knowledge and leadership skills with our one-year Master of International Business at any Hult campus.

Then, elevate your expertise with a second Master degree through a further nine months of study, with the option to accelerate this to just six months of accelerated study at our Boston or San Francisco Campus.

Dual Degree options:

  • Master of International Marketing
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of International Banking
  • Master of Business Statistics
  • Master of Disruptive Innovation
  • In a crowded job market, dual degree programs can help candidates standout to employers. It’s a competitive advantage that makes a difference.

    Katharine Boshkoff

    Vice President, Global Career Development and Alumni Relations

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    3 weeks: Sep


    Introduction and orientation to launch the program.

    Career development

    Continuous career assessment, coaching, and advice from dedicated advisors.

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    Module A

    12 weeks: Oct-Dec

    Business knowledge

    Courses designed to teach you the fundamental concepts of business theory, including key leadership skills.

    Module B

    11 weeks: Jan-Mar

    Business Challenge

    An extensive group project to solve a challenge for a major corporation or launch your own enterprise.

    Module C

    6 weeks: Mar-Apr

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    Module D

    6 weeks: May-Jun

    Specialization & electives

    Elective classes that allow you to customize your program to a specific career.

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    Global Campus Rotation

    Option to study at up to two more Hult campuses worldwide.

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    Module E

    6 weeks: Jul-Aug

    Module F**

    3 months: Sep-Dec

    Business knowledge

    Courses which elevate your understanding of marketing or finance.

    Module G**

    3 months: Jan-Mar

    Module  U.S. course credits

    Immersion  6
    Module A  12
    Module B
    Module C
    Module D
    Module E
    Module F
    Module G
    * Students looking to pursue a Dual Degree must receive a Pass or High Pass grade in all specialization courses, and will be required to specialize in particular subject areas during Modules D and E.
    * All students are eligible for the Dual Degree Program, but students who would like U.S. work authorization (OPT) after their studies must either start their MIB in Boston or San Francisco, or rotate there for Modules D, and E, and the duration of the Dual Degree Program.
    ** Dual Degrees are offered on selected campuses only.
    ** Option available for students to complete in up to nine months of further study.

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