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Specialization: Finance

Gain broad exposure to international corporate finance and develop the essential analytical and leadership skills necessary to enter this highly competitive sector.

Sample Finance electives

Please note that as we strive to keep our electives as up-to-date as possible, the exact courses on offer are subject to change and different courses are offered at each of our campuses.

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance looks at how non-financial factors such as emotion, social issues, and psychology impact on market prices, rates of return, and the dynamics of buying and selling on commodity and exchange markets. Students will gain an understanding of how group psychology can drive behavior in trading rooms. This course explores deviations from the standard financial models in investor behavior and financial market outcomes. Traditional finance classes assume that investors behave rationally and that asset prices fully reflect all available information. Yet, there is substantial evidence to suggest that these models are incomplete. This class covers the heuristics and biases that plague most individual investors and to a lesser extent the professional money managers and corporate financial decision makers. It also covers market imperfections that stem from the costs of arbitrage and agency and information problems. The implications for personal finance, asset pricing and corporate finance are outlined and investment strategies will be designed to exploit these market imperfections.

Business Analysis and Valuation

Financial statements are essential documents, filed by every public company doing business. They represent management’s view of the value and health of their company. But just how accurate are these reports? Is management’s view trustworthy or biased, neutral or overly optimistic? This class will introduce a framework that helps to fully analyze any company’s financial statements and reveal its true condition and value. An important part of the course will be discussion of corporate social responsibility and its effects on sustainable profitability. Throughout the semester, we will make extensive use of the valuation software that accompanies the textbook, so that students can gain hands-on experience with valuation.

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course covers the effective financial and business techniques necessary for a successful business start-up. The course provides the essential tools and know-how you need to build a sturdy foundation for a profitable business. A practical road map is developed to guide the student from crafting a meaningful business plan to raising their business to the next level. The course offers potent methods for keeping firm financial control of their enterprise and insightful tips for avoiding the multitude of financial barriers that may block their entrepreneurial dream.

Note: Courses listed above are samples and subject to change; not all courses are available at every campus location.