Use your electives to create a specialized Masters in International Business degree, study what most interests you, or even learn about the technologies shaping our future.

Master of International Business specializations

In your final two modules, study the courses that most interest you from a wide range of topics. Complete three elective courses in one subject to earn a specialization. Or, simply take the courses that most interest you across subjects for a specialization in General Management.

My goal after graduating from Hult’s Masters in International Business program was to forge a career in marketing. My choice of electives focused on marketing and proved very rewarding – I am now a Marketing Manager.

Sofia Lundstedt

Marketing Manager
PGA European Tour
Sweden, Class of 2013

Asian Girl With Macbook
Asian Girl With Macbook


Focus your studies on international marketing to gain specialized skills in market research, branding, consumer behavior, sales, and product development.

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This specialization provides broad exposure to international corporate finance and helps you develop the essential analytical and leadership skills necessary to enter this highly competitive sector.

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Acquire all the knowledge, tools, and mentorship you need to start your own organization. You can further focus your studies on social entrepreneurship to fully understand how to make change happen. 

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Project Management

Equip yourself with a wide range of skills required for planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources for major projects at multinationals, family businesses, and NGOs.

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Family Business

Learn how to leverage the complex interpersonal dynamics of family businesses to expand the company, take your business global, and deliver growth while still maintaining an entrepreneurial culture. Explore strategies for management succession, and develop a broad set of leadership, finance, marketing, and management skills which will enable you to formulate strategies for your family business.

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Business Analytics

In a world of increasing information and big data overload, employers actively seek candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions. Specialize in business analytics to equip yourself with the analytical and business capabilities needed to translate data statistics and analysis into action.

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Nano Courses in Disruptive Technologies

1-credit electives in the technologies changing our future.

Our new and innovative nano courses give you the option to enroll in a number of elective courses designed to teach you about the disruptive technologies most dramatically influencing tomorrow’s business landscape. These courses are shorter—which is why we call them "nano." You can take three nano courses in place of a standard-length elective course.

Understand the forces of disruption

Our nano courses offer the opportunity to understand the technologies that are driving exponential change in the world—and their potential impact on business and life. Each nano course has been built in conjunction with a world-renowned industry expert and covers the basics of how the technology works, its potential applications, the major players driving the technology, the likely development timeline, and the key issues which need to be overcome for the full potential to be realized.

A self-led approach

Nano courses are self-led online courses which you can take in place of regular electives. Each course covers a different disruptive technology and is designed to help you explore how that technology could impact the future. You’ll demonstrate your learning through coursework, which will be assessed by a professor. You can take three nano courses in place of one regular elective course.

Position yourself for the future

You don’t build a business for where the world is today, you build a business for where the world will be tomorrow. Understanding the latest developments in technology will help you anticipate how the world may change over time and how consumer behavior may change. For example, did you know that autonomous vehicles may radically impact real estate prices?

Sample disruptive technology nano courses

– 3D Printing
– Autonomous Vehicles 
– AI & Machine Learning 
– Robotics
– Genome Editing
– Drones
– Blockchain
– Virtual & Augmented Reality
– Internet of Things
– Solar Power & Energy Storage