Leadership skills

Though few of us are born natural leaders, leadership can be taught. Hult integrates the best leadership development practices from the world's top companies into our Masters in International Business curriculum, so you can make an immediate impact when you return to the workforce.


An award-winning leadership development methodology.

In 2014, Hult won the prestigious Association of MBAs Innovation Award for our ground-breaking approach to incorporating the best tools and techniques from preeminent corporate leadership development programs into our MBA curriculum. Hult Masters in International Business students develop five key leadership competencies across three development areas that employers deem critical to success. We call this the Hult LEAD Model—Leadership through Evaluation, Awareness, and Development.

How does LEAD work?

Since leadership can only truly be learned through practice, Hult students undergo a continuous process of training, application, and mentorship throughout their program year. Critical to this process is constant feedback and support from fellow students and professional coaches. We begin charting each student’s progress from their first week of Immersion and, by graduation the results are very impressive—over 85% of our students show a significant improvement in all five key competencies and three development areas.

Key leadership competencies:

3 development areas      5 key competencies
Professional mindset Adaptive thinking
Interpersonal influence Communication
Building relationships
Results through

Profile: A Hult leadership coach

Melanie Eusebe mentors students as a Leadership Coach for the LEAD program at Hult London.

Melanie relishes sharing the knowledge she has gained as an independent management consultant and team leader for global companies such as IBM and Ernst &Young— especially in the areas of brand management, organizational development, and operational strategies. Melanie feels particularly passionate about inspiring a new generation of exceptional business leaders through role modeling, which led her to found the Black British Business Awards in 2012.

I love working with Hult students one-on-one to help them discover their potential as leaders. This usually means going beyond the usual stereotypes of power to identify your true sources of inspiration.

Professor Melanie Eusebe
Melanie Eusebe

Chair of Black Business Awards, Leadership Coach at Hult London

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