Based on our award-winning MBA curriculum, Hult’s one-year Master of International Business program will help you gain a global perspective of finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy.

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Your Master of International Business at a glance 

Who is this program for?

Candidates who have recently graduated from university or college, as well as individuals with up to three years of work experience who want to gain a broad understanding in all areas of international business.

No other Masters program provides students with the opportunity to apply skills like Hult does.

Christine Souffrant

U.S., Haiti, Class of 2014

What you’ll learn

By the end of the Master of International Business program, you will have developed a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of global business. In addition, specializations will allow you to tailor the program to your individual and professional goals. There are six specializations to choose from—marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, family business, and business analytics.

Why Hult?

Only Hult enables you to combine your studies with immersive learning in up to three world-class cities with Global Campus Rotation. Plus, throughout your core studies, Hult takes you out of the classroom to help you learn the basics of strategy, management, and finance through experience. See classroom theories brought to life through on-site visits to companies, compete in complex computer-based simulations as the head of a new enterprise in a virtual marketplace, and learn from professors who themselves have years of business experience.

How it works


3 weeks: Sep


Introduction and orientation to launch the program.

Career development

Continuous career assessment, coaching, and advice from dedicated advisors.

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Module A

12 weeks: Oct-Dec

Business knowledge

Courses designed to teach you the fundamental concepts of financial theory.

Module B

11 weeks: Jan-Mar

Business Challenge

An extensive group project to solve a challenge for a major corporation or launch your own enterprise.

Module C

6 weeks: Mar-Apr

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Module D

6 weeks: May-Jun

Specialization & electives

Elective classes that allow you to customize your program to a specific career.

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Global Campus Rotation

Option to study at up to two more Hult campuses worldwide.

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Module E

6 weeks: Jul-Aug

Dual Degree Program(optional)

6 months: Sep2018-Mar2019

Dual Degree Program (optional)

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Lifelong learning opportunities

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Credit structure

Hult awards U.S. degrees. Please refer to the chart opposite for credits per module, along with equivalent European credits for comparison.

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Internship Elective

This elective provides students the option to find their own internships and earn course credit. Some students find that completing an internship is the perfect way to secure their dream job after Hult. To help make that possible, we allow Master students on all programs to earn course credit for completing an internship during their studies. Students can opt to take the Internship Elective course during modules D and E, and then complete course work related to their internship to earn the credit. And while students are ultimately responsible for finding an internship, Hult’s dedicated Career Development team is always on hand to provide support.
Module    US course credits  Equivalent ECTS
  (European credits)
Immersion 6 12
Module A 12 24
Module B 12 24
Module C 6 12
Module D 6 12
Module E 6 12
Total 48 96