Fees & expenses

To help you understand the costs involved in your Master of International Business, we have outlined the estimated expenses for one year, as well as the program fees, in each of our global locations.

Breakdown of fees & expenses

We have a range of financing options, as well as scholarships for eligible candidates, which can help towards funding your program. Costs are given in local currency. 


Program Fees

Annual Program Fee 41,300 41,300 30,100 152,400
Application Fee (in USD)1 150 150 150 150
Confirmation Deposit2 2,500 2,500 1,600 9,200
Medical Insurance3 2,250 2,250 850 5,000
Estimated Living Expenses 4

Housing & Utilities 14,000 17,000 13,000 45,000
Living 11,000 12,000 8,000 25,000
Books 5 1,000 1,000 700 3,700

1 In USD across all locations. Does not count toward the Annual Program Fee.

2 The non-refundable Confirmation Deposit counts toward the Annual Program Fee.

3 Subject to change. Insurance plans are provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield for US locations, Erika insurance coverage for London and Dubai.

4 Expenses are based on market benchmarks. Note that if you choose our Annual Installment Plan, you will incur an additional fee for your home campus: 1,200 U.S. dollars for Boston or San Francisco; 700 British pounds for London; and 4,400 Emirati dirham for Dubai.

5 A computer is also required.

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