Masters programs

Master of International Business

Understand how the world is interconnected through finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy – using the same award-winning experiential approach as our Global MBA program.

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Financing your degree

We offer financial assistance through a combination of scholarships, financial aid, and educational loans.

Talk to us about your options for funding and scholarship eligibility.

Seven global locations

Study at any three of our seven campus locations during your one-year program. 

Study in up to three of Hult’s seven campuses over the course of one unforgettable and life-changing year. We run our own programs, meaning you have the freedom to rotate among our campus locations without any interruption to your studies. There are over 200 possible campus rotation combinations. Where will your Hult journey take you? 


Hult’s Master of International Business curriculum follows the same innovative approach as our award-winning Global MBA, blending core business knowledge with leadership development.


Tailor the program to your professional goals with specializations in: marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, sustainability, and general management. 


Develop your leadership skills using the same best-in-class techniques as the world’s top corporate leadership development programs.


Gain practical experience with the seven-month Hult Business Challenge, where your team will develop a game-changing idea for a real-life business challenge. 

No other Masters program provides students with the opportunity to apply skills like Hult does.”

Christine Souffrant

Founder, Vendedy,
U.S., Class of 2014

Admissions & fees

We offer financial assistance through a combination of scholarships, financial aid, and educational loans.

 A Master degree is a significant investment and we work closely with you to find the best options to help you fund your studies.

Results & return on investment

Hult Masters graduates start seeing a return on their investment on average just eight months after completing their program.

A Master of International Business degree from Hult helps you gain fast employment with an increased salary – meaning you recoup your investment very soon after graduation. 


Hult is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top 100 business schools.