Bank loans & grants

We work with candidates to help them identify suitable financial institutions and government programs. Depending on where you are from, you may be eligible for loan and grant opportunities offered by your government.

Sample of loans we have worked with

Financial institutions in many countries offer education financing to local citizens, and we have experience working with a variety of institutions from all over the world. These loans and grants are typically repayable upon completion of the program, although terms vary widely. Below is a small sample of the ones we have worked with in the past. 

Santander Totta Credito Universitario Plus for Portuguese citizens

Santander Totta provides an exclusive educational loan of up to €50,000 to Portuguese citizens who are planning to study at Hult.

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Banco Sabadell Education Loans for Spanish citizens

Banco Sabadell provides an exclusive educational loan of up to the total cost of the studies to Spanish citizens who are planning to study at Hult. The loan amount can be used to cover both the program fee and living expenses.

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Deutsche Bildung Financial Funding for German citizens

The finance program offers monthly payments and, if needed, one-time payments, for example to finance study abroad or to pay tuition fees. Students can receive a total of up to €25,000.

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Centrala Studiestöds-nämnden (CSN) for Swedish students

In order for CSN to assess a student’s chances of grant qualification, the student must submit an application for overseas studies as detailed on CSN's website. The application form details the necessary supporting documents.

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Lånekassen for Norwegian students

Students from Norway can receive a loan and grant from Lånekassen to study at Hult. See their website for more details about the amount available and how to apply.

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MPOWER Financing for Hult Boston students

MPOWER Financing provides loans of up to $25,000 to students from most countries who attend the Hult Boston campus. This loan does not require a cosigner or credit history in the U.S., but is based on each student's potential.

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