Sample electives 

The electives listed here should be taken as a sample. We strive to keep our electives as up-to-date as possible and courses are therefore subject to change. Please note each of our campuses offers a different range of electives.

Global Operations

This course addresses one of the major functions of the organization—the delivery of goods and services to meet customer demand. Students will develop an understanding of operations management in both service and manufacturing organizations, with an emphasis on international operations. Topics include the functions and roles of operations managers, how operations relates to and works with other functions in the organization, and how to carefully execute operations strategy.


Far too often, good business ideas fail because the entrepreneurs behind them don’t understand how to fit their ideas to the market or obtain the resources they need. Using a combination of case analyses, class discussion, outside speakers, and a final project, this course is a broad and realistic introduction to entrepreneurship to help students make career choices while sharpening their
analytical skills. The course is invaluable to anyone who hopes to lead the development of a new product or service, whether starting a company, managing a privately-owned firm, or leading a project
within a larger, more established firm.

Digital Disruption

Change induced by digital technology happens at a pace and scale that impacts existing business practice in disruptive ways, threatening and invalidating existing business models. At the same time, digital technologies offer new opportunities for the creation of innovative business models for entrepreneurs to compete with established business practices in a wide range of industries. How can a company protect its business from the negative effects of digital disruption and take advantage of the opportunities brought in by the development of ICT? This question will be the focus of the course. It will address broad industry change brought about by digital platforms in such industries as music, mobile communication, and advertising, as well as specific technologies such as the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Tactics for both large, established competitors and SMEs will be explored.

Management Consulting

This course offers an in-depth overview of the management consulting industry. Topics include the structure, conduct, and performance of the management consulting industry; firms in the industry and their competitive strategies; key strategic and organizational issues facing these firms; ideas, tools, and frameworks that these firms have put into practice; problem-solving, communication, and client relation skills that are necessary for success in the industry; management consulting careers; and ethical issues facing management consultants. This is not a traditional lecture-based course. Conceptual material is illustrated and applied to the real world through rigorous class discussion of business cases, examples, group and individual exercises, and students’ own business and consulting experiences. This course emphasizes hands-on practice and real-time feedback—simulating an actual consulting engagement.

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