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Practical application

Applying business theory in realistic scenarios is central to all aspects of the Hult curriculum. Classes are enriched with practical application at every opportunity and skills are put to the test with both virtual and real-world projects.

The Hult Business Challenge

Solve a real company’s current business problem or work on creating a new business plan.

By collaborating with Hult students on these projects, we can transfer our wealth of business knowledge and arm students with the skills to develop an innovation-based economy.

Arjen Radder    

CEO, Philips
Middle East and Turkey

The Hult Business Challenge 2016: Johnson & Johnson

Systemic heart disease, gestational diabetes, and perinatal depression are widespread health issues globally. They can be predicted and treated before the onset of the disease. But people don’t often seek treatment for a disease they are likely to get, but don’t have yet. In most cases they don’t even know they’re at risk of getting it.

Johnson & Johnson asked our students: How can we make treatment of these diseases become preemptive rather than reactive? How do we make the move from cure, to prevention?

The healthcare and biotech industries are some of the biggest and fastest growing in the world. This was a huge opportunity for Hult's Class of 2016 to have a significant social impact in an economically viable way in this exciting new space.

The Hult Business Challenge was an exciting, hands-on experience, and an invaluable lesson in teamwork.

Marc Seipp

Management Consultant, PwC Germany, Class of 2013