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About the city of San Francisco

The birthplace of the technology industry, and home to the biggest breakthrough companies of this century including Google, Apple, and eBay. In this global center of digital technologies, beautiful brands, and the start-up revolution – unique opportunities to connect with high-power corporates while pursuing your own initiatives make the city an exciting place to attend business school.

Homes in San Francisco

Breakthrough in the Bay Area

San Francisco’s Bay Area is the birthplace of the technology industry and a high-tech heaven. Silicon Valley, just south of the city, is home to the biggest breakthrough companies of this century including Google, Apple, eBay, Twitter, and Facebook. Iconic American brands such as Levi's and The Gap are also based in San Francisco. Known for it's entrepreneurial culture and start-up driven economy, this is where new digital technologies are invented, beautiful brands are created, and many of the world's leading corporations are based.

Entrepreneurship epitomized

The local economy centers around start-up companies, providing you with incredibly varied and interesting career possibilities. The city is a magnet for entrepreneurs from all over the world, and our San Francisco campus is alive with the buzz of new ideas. Networking is a way of life, with daily opportunities to connect with like-minded people looking for partnerships to help make their initiative happen.

Discover the power of ideas

The high-tech giants that sit in Silicon Valley all started with a simple idea. And they have changed the way we all interact with the world around us. There is an infectious belief here in the power of a good idea and its ability to change the world for the better. This makes for an ideal environment to explore sustainability and social entrepreneurship. San Francisco is a leader in both these fields and they are hot topics on campus.

Sport and leisure

Whether new technology, contemporary design, or alternative lifestyles – innovation is at the heart of the city and inspiration is everywhere. The diversity and creativity of the population can be seen in everything from the spectacular choice of cuisine to new cultural movements. Famed for its unique beauty and charm, people from all over the world come in pursuit of the American Dream, and fall in love with San Francisco.

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