Global Rotation


One year, three cities

Depending on your program, you have the option to study in up to three cities during your academic year with us. You choose which of our campuses you would like to call home, and have the option to travel to two more in your last two modules. We call this ability to move between campuses our Global Rotation program.

Where it matters

We have locations in six global business capitals, giving you the opportunity to live and learn in the world’s most pivotal cities. Use our global campus network to tailor your experience to your personal and professional goals. Mix with the talent and ambition of Boston, immerse yourself in high-tech innovation in San Francisco, and see what it takes to be at the forefront of finance in London. Join the diverse international business community of Dubai, discover the secrets of economic powerhouse Shanghai, and explore the endless possibilities in New York. The choice is yours.

Rotation not exchange

Global Rotation is not an exchange program. You will be on Hult campuses, taught by Hult faculty, and be in class with Hult students. Global Rotation is fully integrated into our curriculum, giving you a seamless experience academically and ensuring you have the same level of service wherever you study.

Global perspective, local expertise

Nothing beats getting an on-the-ground understanding of how business and society operates in different parts of the world. Learning international business in a global setting, you’ll be able to put complex issues into context and gain new market insights. You’ll also be able to utilize the regional knowledge and expertise of our Career Services teams on the campuses you visit to understand the intricacies of the local job market.

Your worldwide network

With networking, career events, and exposure to global and local business leaders at every campus, you can build a network of experienced industry contacts around the world. The relationships you foster with students from every corner of the globe are also incredibly valuable, giving you a wide and diverse network of professionals in multiple locations.

How Global Rotation works

How Global Rotation works

  • You must decide if you would like to participate in Global Rotation at the same time as you register for other electives for your second module (Module B).
  • Global Rotation is included in your program fee, however additional costs may be incurred. Airfare, visas, and accommodation are not included in the program fee. We will help you arrange travel, accommodation, and visas during your rotation.
  • In order to participate in the rotation, you must be in good academic standing and enrolled in an eligible degree program.
  • Global Rotation is subject to each campus’s capacity. Students begin registration placed at their home campus and may opt into spaces at rotation campuses on a first-come, first-served basis as they become available.
  • You may choose to graduate from your home campus or from the campus to which you rotate during your last module (Module E).

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