Postgraduate locations

At the center of the management consulting industry, a leader in the finance, healthcare, and innovation sectors, and at the heart of American academia, Boston is an ideal place to study, network, and seek out your next career move.

The financial center of Europe, economic stronghold, creative hub, and host to the world's biggest organizations – our London campus is at the beating heart of global business.

A city with a strategic geographic location, staggering economic growth, and unique career opportunities – our Dubai campus puts you in the center of one of the world's busiest, most diverse international trading hubs.

Shanghai is an economic powerhouse that has changed the landscape of global business. Get experience of this hugely important region at our Shanghai campus and give yourself real competitive advantage in the international job market.

Take electives at our center in New York and get a taste of doing business in the financial capital of the U.S., and the world's most influential city.

Undergraduate locations

London offers choice on a massive scale – career, cuisine, and culture – everything is available to you. Finding it is the fun part; you never know what you’ll discover in the world’s most international city.

Global Rotation program

Options to maximize your international experience

Depending on your program, you can study in up to three of our six global locations. You choose which of our campuses you would like to call home and spend September to April living and studying there. You then have the option to move to one or two other locations in the last two modules of the year from May to August. We call this ability to move between campuses Global Rotation. It enables you to gain on-the-ground experience in key regions, see business in a global context firsthand, and learn to move between different cultures confidently.