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The Innovation Scholarship Winner 2012

Hult Innovation Scholarship 2012

In May 2012 Hult launched a campaign to find the next generation of innovative business professionals. Applicants were asked to showcase their business plan for the chance of receiving a unique opportunity to join Hult with a 5000 USD scholarship contribution. The scholarship was opened to all candidates interested in applying to one of Hult's One-Year Master programs

To write their business plans, candidates had the following business pack:

1 Macbook Pro with a 3G internet connection, 1 Passport, 2000 Euros, Pretzel stand, 10000 t-shirts, 1 Bicycle, 1 Round trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world, 1 Android phone, 1 Whistle.

Francesco Pierangeli, an Italian candidate was recently announced as the winner of this scholarship with his "Placeit" community networking themed business plan. See his business idea here: Placeit - empowering citylife

"I was already considering developing an innovative idea about the empowerment of local community life, together with my friend Valerio Massaroni, when I read about this opportunity from Hult. It was an interesting prospect for me because it would give us the platform to test our project, the deadline incentivized me to develop the idea further and the scholarship fund was great in helping me finance my studies. I am very proud to be joining a business school that stimulates students to develop innovative and creative ideas in an internationally-competitive world". 

There is still time to join Fracesco and our students from 120 countries this September 2012 - Apply now. 

Francesco Pierangeli – Italian, MIB Class of 2013

"Hult’s MIB was the only program that would allow me to travel to 3 different campuses during the year as well as being really well ranked. I feel that studying at Hult in the U.K. and maybe China, U.A.E or U.S. will ensure that I am prepared for the fast-paced international business sphere. I am also really looking forward to joining a community of thousands of interesting people from all over the world".

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