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What Top Employers Want

Hult Labs research

Hult Labs conducted interviews with a globally diverse group of 90 business leaders to understand their views on business education. We asked them what skills they want in their employees and how MBA programs can improve to help develop those skills. We’ve summarized the findings in these reports.

Executive summary

The Future of Business Education & the Needs of Employers


About Hult Labs

Hult Labs is a research think tank focused on delivering thought leadership on the future of business education to stakeholders of Hult International Business School. Hult Labs is comprised of educators and innovators located across the school’s five global campuses. They share a common goal of re-engineering business education to continually be relevant to the needs of employers and students. In addition to providing research resources, Hult Labs is developing new, technology-enabled educational experiences in collaboration with employers, faculty, and students.

Hult's New MBA Program

This research affirms Hult's redesign of its MBA program to make its graduates more relevant for employers and job-ready from day one. The new Hult MBA:

  • • Focuses on measuring and developing skills employers deemed as critical for career success
  • • Provides more time simulating what actually happens in business, such as how to react to ambiguous and changing situations
  • • Gives students more opportunities to apply and demonstrate their skills to potential employers