Blended learning at Ashridge

Many of our clients have a large international presence, with personnel based in offices around the world. At Ashridge, we understand the complexities and costs of bringing together your staff in one location at the same time. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to combine in-class learning with highly impactful virtual methods, also referred to as blended learning.

In short, blended learning is a practical solution that offers a global reach that is flexible, adaptable to local and global needs, less time consuming and more affordable.

960x640_hands on computer
960x640_hands on computer


Our blended offering can be customized to your organization in order to ensure maximum alignment with your learning needs and desired outcome. By using a participant-centric approach, we guarantee more effective results to using traditional teaching methods.
We offer a variety of tools to accomplish this, such as faculty-led sessions, real-time simulations with trained actors, and personalized reporting based on thorough psychometric assessments.

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Overcoming challenges, together

At Ashridge, we go above and beyond to successfully deliver blended learning in your organization. Our dedicated teams are on standby to support you overcome any implementation, technological, or engagement challenges that may arise when introducing a blended approach in your organization. 

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