Innovative solutions made available through digital platforms.

A suite of virtual solutions to support your organization lead in today's more digitized world.

A call for something new 

Organizations are increasingly being spread out across continents and there is a growing demand for leaders to manage their global teams, relying heavily on online platforms. We’re committed to helping you learn in a way that is not only convenient for your participants but is also reflective of these changing times.

Across our offering, we can integrate virtual learning into your program of choice - minimizing the time your participants spend out of the office, as well as the perfect opportunity to practice leading virtually.

Virtual Ashridge

Customizable, cost-effective, and insightful

Virtual Ashridge is an award-winning digital solution that allows learners across your entire organization to access key learning and development content. Seamlessly integrated into your company platforms, content is created by Ashridge faculty and is accessible by employees at any given time, anywhere in the world.

Whether your organization requires resources in leadership, change management, or improving personal effectiveness, content can be aligned to your organization’s learning objectives and visually designed to match your organization's brand identity. Virtual Ashridge offers a cost-effective and engaging way of increasing value within your organization.


Hands on laptop - wood surface
Hands on laptop - wood surface

Online Programs

Before "flicking the switch" into digital, we conducted a research study to examine the learning outcomes of virtual learning and how they compare to in-person learning. The results surprised us and showed competency development to be the same as those who attended in-person. We applied these finding into our program design to offer three of our executive courses in a condensed - yet still challenging -  online format.

Advanced Leadership: Leading on the Edge - Virtual

An immersive course where you’ll confront your leadership challenges of tomorrow and improve your ability to lead virtually. Sacrificing none of the intensity from the face-to-face option, this online experience will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

Financial Foundations

Acquire the knowledge to speak confidently about core financial concepts and how to apply these to drive organization performance. Start and complete the course on dates that best suit you, giving you the benefit to go at your own pace.

Online Masters in Management

Delivered 100% online and studied in your own time, this program is split in three progressive “pay-as-you-go” postgraduate stages: Certificate, Diploma, and Masters. Designed in a user friendly format, you'll be supported through work-based assessments all the way to a final project, in a management area of your choice.

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Blended learning capability

We offer you the possibility to combine the best of both options, by blending in-class learning and highly impactful virtual methods to transform your executives. With many of our client organizations internationally dispersed we understand the complexities and costs of bringing your participants to one location at the same time. 
Our blend learning capability, therefore, offers a highly-adaptable solution that eliminates these challenges and uses a participant-centric approach to maintain effective results. 

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