Degree Apprenticeships

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy in April 2017 has caused a shakeup in workplace learning and development in the UK. As an employer, whether you are a levy payer or not, your greatest asset is your workforce, because ultimately people drive success.

Degree Apprenticeships, at Bachelors and Masters levels, are revolutionizing how people learn at work. Ashridge has been at the forefront of innovation in management development for almost 60 years, and we are proud to be once more leading the way in this new and exciting field. Our 3 Degree Apprenticeship programs are designed to reflect what managers and leaders need to know today to work better, more efficiently, and more effectively.

The degree apprenticeship model is playing to our strengths by allowing us to further leverage our long-standing heritage in creating and delivering highly impactful programs, specifically designed for working professionals, both in a physical and virtual environment. We aim to ensure that your organization gets the most out the Apprenticeship Levy by providing an outstanding experience to our students and creating real, immediate and long-lasting impact at an individual and company level.

Ashridge Executive Education is registered as a Degree Apprenticeship provider (RoATP UK PRN number 10008899) and is proud to have been chosen by the Crown Commercial Service as one of three preferred suppliers of Degree Apprenticeships to the wider public sector in England.

We have designed a Bachelors (level 6) and two Masters (level 7) Degrees which fulfill the Degree Apprenticeship Standards, while also matching the academic rigor of a triple accredited business school.

Programs are delivered through a flexible blend of virtual classes and face-to-face workshops at our historic Ashridge Estate campus.

Thanks to our long-standing experience of customizing programs for our global network of clients, we are delighted to offer the option of closed cohorts for those clients, who wish to develop the management and leadership skills of entire groups of employees.

This ensures that the content is complementary to existing development programmes, relevant to the context of your industry, and reflective of the culture and values of your organization.

Invest in the future

   Benefits for your organization

  1. Build competitive advantage by developing the relevant knowledge of your workforce, alongside the technical and soft skills needed to meet your most important business challenges, today and in future.

  2. Engage your employees, increase their productivity and boost their performance.

  3. Improve the retention of your skilled workforce and attract new talent. 

Benefits for your employees

  1. Access to government funded, internationally recognized and relevant education from a triple accredited, award-winning business school.

  2. Studying and working under the new scheme improves employees’ skills and ability to do their job more effectively, increasing independence, confidence and job satisfaction.

  3. Invitation to join the Hult Alumni Association, a powerful, global network of over 16,000 alumni in more than 170 countries around the world. 

Executive Masters in Leadership and Management

Delivered online, this degree is ideal for working professionals who are looking to stretch themselves and improve in management and leadership practices. 

  • Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship Level 7
  • 2.5 years - modules are sequence neutral allowing participants to join at various entry points
  • Next intakes: January, May and September 2019

The program has been successfully delivered to over 300 students worldwide. Learning takes place in an intuitive online environment which provides participants with 24/7 access to a powerful range of learning resources, help, advice, guidance and social networking tools to successfully guide them through the program. 

Upon successful completion, learners are awarded an MSc in Leadership and Management.


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Executive MBA

Designed to accelerate the progression of senior leaders.

  • Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship, Level 7 (MBA)
  • 2 years, with a rolling intake
  • The program fee is £27,000 per participant, including the End-Point-Assessment. The government funding band for the Senior Leader Standard is £18,000. This means that a top-up of £9,000 must be covered by the employer, which cannot be recouped through the apprenticeship levy.

Building on 35 years’ experience of creating and delivering one of the world's leading MBA programs, this highly practical Masters degree prepares experienced managers and functional specialists for and accelerates their progression into strategic leadership roles.

This level 7 Masters Degree Apprenticeship includes a significant amount of face-to-face time with Ashridge faculty. Each module includes a 2.5 day residential held at Ashridge, providing a fantastic opportunity for those learners who prefer a program with recurring face-to-face elements with faculty and their peers, and a balance between their virtual and physical learning environment.

Bachelors in Business & Management

A program designed to improve the knowledge and skills, and boost the performance of entry to mid-level managers.

  • Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, Level 6
  • 3.5 years
  • The program fee is £27,000 per participant, including the End-Point-Assessment. This matches the government funding band for the Chartered Manager Standard.
  • Next intake: Spring 2019 - enquire with our Apprenticeship Team for more information

Designed to improve the skills and boost the performance of entry and mid-level managers, equipping them with the right tools and knowledge to immediately add value across their organisation. Participants will gain a BA in Business & Management from a triple-accredited business school, as well as Chartered Manager Status through the Chartered Management Institute.

This program is ideal for working professionals who are looking to stretch themselves, to learn, and improve in management practices using a fresh, flexible, self-directed learning approach.