Degree Qualifications

Our degree programs are designed to meet the needs of executives in charge of driving innovation and leading change.

Ashridge's Executive Degree Programs

Through our longstanding heritage and award-winning expertise in customizing executive education for our global network, we were able to design highly relevant degree programs that meet the needs of executives in charge of driving innovation and leading change in today’s complex, uncertain and fast-changing world.  

Our part-time, blended or online qualifications are designed to help you take your career to the next level. Our strength lies in translating our ground-breaking research into actionable insights to help you perform at the highest level and drive the future of your organization. 

Apart from delivering high-quality executive degree programs for individuals, we are able to work collaboratively with your organization to design and deliver fully accredited, customized qualifications tailored to your organizational needs. 

Organizational Change

As organizations worldwide face the need to respond to ever more diverse and challenging issues, managers and executives must develop new ways of working with complex and uncertain situations in the pursuit of purposes and outcomes that are actionable, ethical and resilient.

Ashridge has been offering Organizational Change programs for over 20 years. Grounded in our cutting-edge research, our Masters and Doctorate programs have been developed by experienced change practitioners to meet the needs of modern change experts, challenging the way we think about strategy, innovation, and change.

Masters in Leading Change

This program is created by experienced change experts for change agents, consultants, entrepreneurs, strategists and innovators facing volatile disruption, and looking to acquire new skills to lead change. This Masters will change your mindset on global systems and trends, and equip you with tools to intervene in complex, interconnected systems, lead change and innovation initiatives in the workplace, and effectively engage stakeholders.

Doctorate in Organizational Change

In a world where the demand for managerial qualifications is well served, this innovative program of advanced study and inquiry meets the growing need for a reputable advanced qualification in the practice of organizational change, intervention, and leadership. It is aimed at those who wish to work beyond the confines of conventional leadership as they develop radical new ways of contributing to the wider environment in which our organizations operate. 

Coaching and Supervision

Our faculty is made up of experienced organizational development consultants, accredited executive coaches, and qualified psychotherapists.

Designed for those who wish to add greater value as consultants, lead their organization through change, or become more insightful executive coaches, our coaching qualifications offer an integrated perspective on the coaching profession and provide participants with invaluable insights and practical solutions. We conduct pioneering research, focusing on issues that affect leaders and organizations today. By grounding our research in everyday practice, we ensure that our curriculum is always relevant to the prevailing business climate.

Masters in Executive Coaching 

This two-year Masters degree is a pathway to becoming a fully accredited executive coach. It focuses on helping participants to integrate theory, research and skills from existing coaching practice, organization development, and psychotherapy. The program intends to develop reflective practitioners who are able to critique their own work and continuously develop as coaching professionals.

For Module 1 of the Masters, participants can choose one of two options: Coaching for Organization Consultants or Team Coaching for Consultants. Both modules are Open Programs and can be counted towards the Masters for those who wish to continue their studies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision

As with all of our coaching and change programs, this program takes a broadly humanistic relational perspective. It develops theoretical knowledge of the psychological underpinnings of supervision as well as a critical evaluation of supervision models and theories. The program is a natural follow-on from the Masters in Executive Coaching and the Masters in Leading Change. 

This program equips coaches with the skills, credibility, and confidence to build their status as a senior practitioner and supervisor of coaches and consultants.

Management and Leadership

Ashridge's management degrees have been chosen by experienced business executives for more than 30 years for their direct relevance to strategic business. Grounded in the extensive, cutting-edge research we carry out in collaboration with leading organizations, our management and leadership degrees make an immediate impact, giving you a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of management and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to progress your career, and develop as a leader.
Online Masters in Management

This program is ideal for working professionals who are looking to stretch themselves and improve in management practices using a fresh, flexible, self-directed learning approach. Delivered 100% online and studied in your own time, this degree will make a real impact on you and your organization from day one.
Masters in Leadership (GenerationQ)
Developed by Ashridge and funded by The Health Foundation, GenerationQ is a prestigious, stimulating and highly relevant part-time leadership program that
aims to develop skilled and effective clinical and nonclinical leaders for quality improvement in the Health sector across the UK.

Degree Apprenticeships

The new UK Apprenticeship Levy brings new business opportunities. Leveraging our long-standing heritage in creating and delivering experiential and highly impactful programs designed for working professionals, we have created two new qualification programs to meet market needs. Our aim is to ensure that our clients get the most out the Apprenticeship Levy, whether they are a levy payer or not, by helping your organization develop its leadership and management talent of the future.

Programs will be delivered through a blend of virtual classes and face-to-face residentials at Ashridge. We also provide the option for contextualized programs for those clients, who wish to develop the management and leadership skills of entire cohorts of employees. This ensures that program content is relevant to the context of your industry and the culture of your organization, with the possibility of in-house teaching at a venue of your choice. 

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Bachelors in Business & Management
BA, Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, 3,5 years, £27,000

A program designed to up-skill entry-level and mid-level managers so that they are equipped to add value across their organization.

Masters in Leadership
MSc / MBA, Level 7 Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship, 2 years 

Building on 35 years’ experience of running one of the world's leading MBA programs, this degree prepares experienced managers (and functional specialists) to accelerate their progression into strategic management and leadership roles.

Applications for our April 2018 start date are now open. 

Corporate Qualifications

Ashridge's customized qualifications are designed to make an immediate, measurable and positive impact in the workplace. Participants focus on practical assignments based on current projects and challenges your organization is facing. This increases participants’ skill-sets, deepens their understanding of the organization, and enhances the stickiness of learning.  Enhanced organizational capability means money saved on external consultants. Investment in staff is motivating. It increases loyalty, retention rates and helps businesses remain competitive. 

We have previously customized the following qualifications for our clients: 

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