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An unrivaled edge

Our ability to help organizations perform at the highest level lies in translating groundbreaking thinking into the practices that underpin our programs.

Through channeling our expertise in academia and research, we have developed a neuroscience-inspired pedagogy that delivers powerful and meaningful learning. Integrated with our global business experience and specialist bespoke service, this gives us an unrivaled edge in executive education.

Redefining experiential learning 

For over 30 years, we have pioneered as leaders in exploring physiological and neurological responses in business settings. Our findings of how leaders learn best has led us to shift away from conventional methods of teaching and instead innovate a new model of immersive learning. 

Building your skills, network, and muscle memory

We put you to the test during in-class simulations, where you’ll be ‘stressed’ to see how you handle disruption, change, and other complexities, so when the time comes you'll know what to. Your performance will be tracked by specialist coaches and alongside this, you’ll learn how to apply academic theories and corporate strategies from our practitioner faculty.

You’ll also be able to strategize with executives from around the world, sharing insights and tools to enhance your global perspective.

Preparing you for the future of business

We conduct practical research with clients and partners, not only investigating the issues that affect leaders and organizations today but also anticipating future global trends. Our studies, which are themed on creating disruption and transforming behavior, are then grounded in our program content and go on to improve the practice of teaching and leadership development globally. Our application of cutting-edge research and incorporation of scientific study into our programs ensures your learning has a high relevance and value, for both now and in the future.

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World-class delivery that transcends borders

Our school mantra is prided on our capability to provide a globally relevant education. When you partner with us you can choose to have your program delivered on-site at one of our campus locations in London, Dubai, or San Francisco–alternatively, we can come to you.

To date, we've delivered executive education programs at 50+ international locations, reaching clients in Boston, Nairobi, Riyadh, and Beijing.

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Effective learning transfer to maximize your ROI

Wherever you are, the methodology doesn't change. Our teams work closely with you to design programs that will target who you want to develop, how, and when, so that it's most effective for your organization and aligned with your overall business strategy. Using a strategically designed pathway and incorporating real challenges from your organization, we ensure learning is applicable and transferable back to the workplace.

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