Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision 

Become an accredited expert in coaching supervision.

Supervision is making an important contribution to the professional development and quality assurance of consultants and executive coaches and is becoming a key differentiator in the marketplace.

At Ashridge, we see supervision as an essential quality assurance process for coaches and consultants. This program equips coaches with the skills, credibility, and confidence to build their status as a senior practitioner and supervisor of coaches and consultants.

Start date: 30th April 2018

Application deadline: 15th March 2018

Program length: 14 months, part-time

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What makes Ashridge different?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision* has achieved the EMCC’s Supervision Training Quality Award and is informed by the Ashridge Centre for Coaching, a thriving and active research centre. This ensures that the content is always up-to-date and incorporates the latest developments in the field.

This is the only programme of its kind that focuses on organisation development practitioners, including executive coaches, leadership development consultants and organisational psychologists. Supervision is important for all organisational consultants. This programme will enable you to play a crucial role in improving coaching and consulting outcomes through quality assurance, maintenance of working alliance and containment, and improved self-awareness.

Tangible Benefits for you and your organization

You will benefit from a unique learning environment, in a stunning setting and with state-of-art resources to ensure personal development and space for reflection. Typically we have a small group of experienced professionals who all make a valuable contribution, resulting in an intimate and rich peer group learning experience.

If you run your own consulting practice, you will be benefit by:

  • Being able to offer supervision as well as finely-tuned coaching skills to individuals and organisations
  • Having the Ashridge accreditation quality stamp to give clients the added reassurance that you can offer high-level supervision
  • Having more confidence in your abilities and being able to introduce new knowledge and skills in your daily work.

If you work for an organisation, it will benefit from:

  • The new practices that you can share with colleagues and/or your organisation’s clients
  • Your supervision work - a useful differentiator for the business
  • Added credibility thanks to your Ashridge accreditation
  • Your increased self-awareness, knowledge and network could make you a candidate for senior level positions in the organisation.


Here's what our participants say

“After coaching and consulting for 25 years, I wanted to find another way of making the most of my skills and experience. I wanted the opportunity to support other colleagues in learning and growing from their practice. It felt like a natural transition, the next phase in my career.”
Terri McNerney, Organization Consultant Inspire the Best

“When I saw the details of the program it appealed to me, as not only had it been just over 10 years since I had completed the Ashridge Masters in Organizational Change, but I had also in the meantime quali ed as an Executive Coach at another school. It seemed that this program would be a next useful stage in my professional journey.” Louise Schubert, Organization Consultant, Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor Schubert Consulting