Online Masters in Management

A flexible, innovative and fully virtual program for immediate impact.

Delivered 100% online and studied in your own time, this degree is ideal for working professionals who are looking to stretch themselves and improve in management practices using a fresh, flexible, self-directed learning approach.

With a strong focus on immediate practical application it enables you to transfer insight and knowledge to your organisation through live assignments and case studies. This allows you to make an impact on your work and your organization from day one.

Quick facts:

  • Start dates: January, April, July, and October every year
  • Application deadline: Rolling admissions - to secure your place and avoid disappointment, we recommend applying as soon as possible
  • Programme length: 2 years part-time

Program Details

Length: 24 Months
Locations: Online

Fees: £15,000 + VAT

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Developing leaders for more than 50 years

Ashridge's management degrees have been chosen by experienced business executives for various decades for their direct relevance to strategic business. Grounded in the extensive, cutting-edge research we carry out in collaboration with leading organizations, our management and leadership degrees make an immediate impact, giving you a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of management and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to progress your career, and develop as a leader.

Tangible Benefits for you and your organization

  • Gain an award-winning, UK & US accredited degree from one of the leading business schools in the world
  • Balance study, work and home life with this incredibly flexible degree, designed to suit your needs
  • Develop a thorough understanding of leadership and management theories and best practice
  • Sharpen your skills as a manager, leader, communicator and strategic thinker
  • Gain a global perspective on current business issues and challenges
  • Apply your learning immediately in your job to advance your career

Flexible & Personal

The Ashridge Masters in Management allows for maximum flexibility, enabling you to study anywhere in the world at any time, while working towards an award-winning, UK & US accredited degree by one of the leading business schools in the world, without the cost, environmental impact or inconvenience of travelling. It also means that your organisation does not suffer the cost of your absence while you study for extended periods of time.

This course was designed to be completed within 24 months. You determine the pace of your study and it is recommended that you spend about 15 hours a week working on different aspects of the degree program: studying, researching, reflecting, and writing. Students can choose to sign up and pay as they go in stages, completing their Postgraduate Certificate (9 months), Postgraduate Diploma (9 months), and Masters Project (6 months).

Practical & Innovative

The modular nature of the program allows you to complete modules in an order that suits you, meaning you can prioritise learning based on your needs. Through our innovative learning platform you can access programme content at any time from anywhere in the world: submit work, gain feedback and interact with your fellow participants, no matter how far apart you may be. Download podcasts, ebooks, webinars, forums, articles and audiobooks to acquire the knowledge you need in the format that best suits your learning style.

There are no examinations. Instead, the programme is assessed through work-based assignments, ensuring you apply new thinking to real pressures or opportunities within your industry, enabling you to offer valuable and practical advice across your organisation. This is executive education with an enabling, practical focus, designed with organisational success in mind.

Here's what our participants say

“I know that I am already able to provide a much more informed and critical view on our approach to strategy development, something which I hope I will be able to build on in the future.”
Alan Jackson, Consumer and Trade Marketing Director, Iran Japan Tobacco International

"The Ashridge Masters in Management helps you break down barriers between expertise and general management so that you don’t end up with very niche skills. It also opens up your personal perspective, helping you to ‘reshuffle your career cards’ and pick up momentum again.” Stephanie Roux-Rousselle, Change Management Consultant, France