Qualifications in Coaching & Supervision

Ashridge offers a unique portfolio of practitioner programs for coaches and consultants, enabling you to reach your full potential as an individual or team coach, a fully accredited executive coach, or as an expert in coaching supervision.

Our faculty are experienced organization development consultants, accredited executive coaches, and qualified psychotherapists, offering an integrated perspective on the coaching profession. They draw on expert thinking for existing organizational studies, relational practice, and change management.

We have created various coaching qualifications in response to the emergence of executive coaching as an established and distinct profession within the international field of individual and organizational development. Our aim is to raise the standard of coaching both professionally and ethically. 

As a coach, you work in complex and sensitive social and political environments that require the use of a rare combination of skills, knowledge, personal qualities, and concern, for professional ethics. Our coaching degrees and diplomas are designed to support your development as an executive coach to your full potential. 

Coaching for individual consultants & team coaching

Ashridge offers two open programs designed for experienced organizational consultants who want to develop their coaching skills, engage with clients at a profound level, and increase, their impact and effectiveness as coaches. Designed around a set of four-five workshops, these modular courses offer you the opportunity to gain an Ashridge accreditation.  

Upon completion, either module can be counted towards the Masters in Executive Coaching degree, for those who are interested in taking their practice and education to the next level.

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Prof explaining 960x640

Coaching for Organization Consultants 

Designed for coaches, HR professionals, change consultants, and consultants working with a number of client organizations, this modular course is delivered in five two-day workshops. Our goal is to help you dramatically increase your ability to impact organizations. Through a variety of psychological theories and models, sound business knowledge, and facilitative coaching, you will acquire skills which will allow you to grow your coaching and consulting practice. 

Team Coaching for Consultants

This highly interactive program is designed for experienced organizational consultants or executive coaches who consult to, facilitate, and develop, teams. Through a set of four workshops, this course enables you to develop your confidence and skills as a team coach and to deepen your understanding and ability to intervene with teams, to enhance team members’ skills in working with each other and other teams.

Masters in Executive Coaching

This degree is your pathway to becoming a fully accredited executive coach. The Masters in Executive Coaching is a two-year, part-time, modular, self-directed program, offering you to review and relaunch your practice, make the best of your natural skills, learn about yourself as a coach through supervision and co-coaching, and meet some of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

You will develop your coaching and mentoring skills, either to integrate into your existing consultancy and coaching work or to create a solid foundation for a new coaching and consulting practice. The program takes a relational psychological perspective, which will deepen your clients’ self-awareness and their understanding of the web of key relationships in their organization. The aim is to develop your ability to respond to, initiate, and enable, change through the coaching process.
The program reflects Ashridge’s philosophy about the nature of change and learning. You will be learning in an environment of reflection and experimentation, rather than simply relying on didactic input. This is more than a skills development program. We make theoretical content easy to digest, by inviting you to reflect critically on theory and practice. We focus on helping you turn knowledge into practice.

Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision

Become an accredited supervisor and an expert in coaching supervision. This two-year part-time qualification gives coaches the skills, credibility, and confidence to offer more value to their clients. It is designed to build their status as senior practitioners and supervisors of coaches and consultants.

While coaching is about you as a person, supervision explores the nature of your relationship with the people you coach and your developing practice. Supervision makes an important contribution to the professional development and quality assurance of consultants and executive coaches. It can be a key differentiator in the marketplace and is increasingly central to many formal consulting and coaching qualifications.


The program is a natural follow-on from the Masters in Executive Coaching and the Masters in Organizational Change. As with all of our coaching and change programs, this program takes a broadly humanistic relational perspective. It develops your theoretical knowledge of the psychological underpinnings of supervision as well as your critical evaluation of supervision models and theories.

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