Coaching and mentoring for organizational impact

As both a consultancy and business school, part of Ashridge’s coaching mission is to work with you to embed a successful culture of coaching. To achieve this, we help individuals in your organization develop coaching skills and then facilitate a cascading effect to make a sustainable impact.

ASH Men Chatting On Sofa
ASH Men Chatting On Sofa

Creating a coaching culture

We see organizations as sets of complex internal and external relationships where the skills of listening, inquiry, and exploration, are fundamental. Customized to your organization’s requirements, we facilitate a combination of both bottom-up and top-down leading and learning to create real cultural change and impact.

Developing internal coaches

Successful internal coaches need the same levels of support as those working outside your organization. Ashridge can also provide coaching supervision processes to offer this support and facilitate your coaches’ ongoing learning.

Business mentoring

Introducing a business mentoring system in your organization can facilitate knowledge-sharing and ensure that your organization sustains the threads of success. We can help you introduce, select, and develop, business mentors to ensure that you achieve maximum results.

Business mediation

Conflict may be an inherent part of the workplace dynamic, but conflict at work is both expensive and destructive. We can work with you to develop effective mediators to collaboratively help people in conflict and solve their problems.

Executive coaching for teams

In high-performing teams all the relationships within the team work well; all members have a clear focus and understand the goals and needs of the team and organization. Our executive coaches work with your senior teams to help you build effective relationships and understand the team dynamics.

The aim of team coaching work is to enable your team to have higher quality conversations. From good conversations come good ideas, decisions, and direction. We design customized retreats for boards and leadership teams. The retreats are action-oriented and can lead to powerful results for you, your team, and ultimately, your organization.

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Executive coaching for individuals

Tailored for senior managers, our specialist coaches provide a confidential sounding board for senior managers who want to review sensitive issues, such as their own leadership and management style, or the effectiveness of their relationships with some of their key stakeholders – direct reports, management team, colleagues, and customers–and explore the potential impact on business results.

We deliver professionally accredited coaching in both face-to-face and virtual options, covering a broad range of core areas, including:

- Senior women leadership
- Top talent
- Transition
- Board-level
- First 100 days coaching

Become an accredited coach

With the growing appreciation for the value of coaching, we also offer the opportunity for our clients to become accredited coaches.

The Ashridge accreditation process is recognized by the European Mentoring Council and International Coaching Federation and involves an assessment of an individual's knowledge, skills, understanding, and experience of coaching. We ensure that individuals involved in coaching–whether as a formal relationship or in a different context–have full capability and confidence in working in this way. 

Coaching differs from other forms of development because it works in a 1:1 approach and so carries significant responsibility. Assessing coaches against several criteria points on theory and professional practice, our accreditation provides a continuation of support to aspiring coaches and assurance to our clients that they are qualified to a high degree. 

To find out more about becoming an accredited coach, please get in touch with our team.

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