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A global center of excellence, the Ashridge Center for Coaching (ACC) uses both business and behavioral expertise to deliver professionally accredited executive coaching. Recognized for our work by international bodies such as the European Mentoring Council and International Coach Federation, the ACC offers:

  • Executive coaching services for organizations, teams, and individuals
  • Post-graduate coaching qualifications and open programs
  • Fellowships to visiting researchers and contributions to global academic studies
  • Coaching supervision is an essential quality assurance process for coaches and consultants. Please click here to view and register for our 2018 supervision days with Erik de Haan, David Birch, and Charlotte Sills. 
  • Coaching accreditation
Three students having a meeting 960x640
Three students having a meeting 960x640
The ACC focuses on a relational approach to coaching, drawing in on our knowledge and proven methods from the fields of coaching, counseling, psychotherapy and organization development.
Working in partnership with leading academics and practitioners, our research and historically high standards feed into all our coaching services and qualifications.

Our accredited coaches

The ACC is led by its Director, Erik de Haan, and is supported by over 80 number of professionally accredited coaches and specialist faculty, who are expert practitioners within their field with real-world experience in business, consulting, and facilitation, as well as a deep understanding of human behavior and individuals.

Our pool of more than 80 professionally accredited coaches have real experience in business, consulting, and facilitation, as well as a deep understanding of human behavior and individuals. 
All subscribed to the Ashridge Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, our coaches are grounded in diverse fields, from gestalt therapy to transactional analysis and beyond. This allows us to identify a selection of qualified coaches who will fit your culture and high-level objectives.

Research, news and events

We carry out research with many businesses, public sector organizations, and academics across the world on a range of coaching projects. Our most recent research project includes:

Coaching Outcome Research

Currently the largest ongoing study to date examining factors that impact coaching outcomes from the perspective of more than 4,000 coaches, clients and sponsors.
Critical Moments in Coaching

The ACC has been engaged in researching critical moments in coaching since 2002, providing us with rich insights into the fabric of real coaching conversations.

Psychometric tools for coaches

Over the years, we have developed a number of psychometrics tools to aid coaches and consultants I their work.


Each year we host a range of events, conferences, and workshops. Our annual summer research conference attracts hundreds of practitioners, special guests, and high profile speakers from around the world. 

For more information on coaching and other events, please check our events page.

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