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Enhancing change, stability, and performance  

Globally recognized as a center of excellence in the field of executive coaching, our coaching services support your organization reaching its strategic and operational goals. Applying a combination of robust psychological theories and business insight, we work to avoid the costly consequences of conflict, poor morale, and underperformance within your teams.

Providing an untapped resource for organizations, our coaching models work to:

  • Develop leadership talent
  • Improve overall functional performance
  • Strengthen your firm's ability to respond to, initiate, and enable real change

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For organizations, teams, and individuals

The most talented people in your organization are an asset. Preparing them for their next role ensures they hit the ground running and their performance is at an optimal level. Offering coaching is also a clear signal that you value them and are ready to support their journey in becoming your top leaders of tomorrow. Recognizing the different realms in which leaders and organizations work, we offer coaching in a range of different programmatic solutions for your organization, teams, and individuals.

Coaching for organizations

Experience and research have shown the most successful organizations are those that have an embedded coaching culture. As subject-matter experts and practitioners in coaching, culture, and development, we can support you in creating a coaching culture, developing internal mediators, and implementing a business mentoring system.

Executive team coaching

Through assessing existing processes within your organization, our executive coaches will enable your teams to understand how the way they relate to each other helps or hinders high-performance working. We offer one-to-one executive coaching to implement changes where needed and create uniquely designed retreats, at board and leadership level.

Coaching for individuals

Whether you're new to a leadership role or responsible for supporting a transition, we offer coaching customized to your individual needs and the context of your organization. The process aims to focus on the wider work-related agenda, notably on changes in organizational culture and supporting people in successfully handling their own particular management and leadership challenges.

Qualifications in Coaching & Supervision

The Masters in Executive Coaching is a pathway to becoming a fully accredited executive coach, while the Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision helps experienced coaches build their status as senior practitioners and supervisors of coaches and consultants. Take your career to the next level, learn about yourself as a coach, and network with some of the leading practitioners in the field.

Open programs–coaching

Acquire high-level skills to enable you to grow your coaching and consulting practice. The Advanced Coaching for Organizational Consultants course is designed to dramatically increase your ability to better understand others’ behaviors, and optimize the relationship between coach and client to deliver influential coaching.

To enhance your coaching capabilities to facilitate clients in team and group settings, an alternative Team Coaching for Organization Consultants course is also available in November 2018.

Coaching with a proven impact

Our executive coaches partner with your senior leaders to build effective working relationships and create real cultural impact. Proven in our research and results, our coaching has created successful working cultures that drive leadership growth and greater team performance.


During my work with Ashridge, my coach has encouraged me to develop my own personal brand and leadership style with confidence. His insights and experience have been highly beneficial with the right level of support and challenge to push my boundaries outside of my comfort zone. I highly respect his passion for coaching and strongly advocate his approach.

Head of Human Resources HSBC Bank

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