How ten mindful minutes can enhance your work, health and happiness

Join Dr. Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson as they introduce you to the practice of Mind Time, described in their new book. Mind Time exercises the mind in ways which improve work, health and happiness.

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Dr Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson have spent the last four years researching how Mind Time exercises help to develop leadership capacities. In this webinar they will discuss how their model, at the heart of the Mind Time practices, called ‘AIM’ (allowing, inquiry and meta-awareness), links to improvements in relationships, work effectiveness, work-life balance, encountering unexpected events, happiness and health.

You will learn:

- How Mind Time is relevant to leadership and how it helps you to lead a healthy, happy, productive life

- What research evidence exists regarding the impact Mind Time can have

- How to practice Mind Time

- How to form a habit of practice (and the trials and tribulations that go along with this)

- Where to access free audio guidance for Mind Time.


You can pre-order your copy of Mind-Time via Amazon now.




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12:30 PM
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Thu, Mar 22 2018
Thu, Mar 22 2018
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